Logo Seaport
SP Olympic Icon Shop Loco
SP Olympic
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 120 Icon Power
Tax 8,490 Gold
Dispatch XP 1,380 XP
Set N/A
OCU Required
Other Information
Added as a cross-promotion for the release of Seaport for mobile devices on 15 Feb 2018. One of these locomotives (based on current TS level) was gifted to the player by Mr. Bill for installing the mobile version of Seaport from the mobile version of TrainStation. The locomotives offered are:
The FEF was a series of three steam locomotive types owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad. The classes were: FEF-1; FEF-2; FEF-3. "FEF" was an acronym for the wheel arrangement, "four-eight-four". The second batch of fifteen was delivered in 1939. These had several improvements, including larger cylinders, better tractive effort, taller driving wheels, and smoke deflectors on the sides of the smokebox. The greatest change, however, was the provision of a fourteen wheeled “pedestal” or “centipede” tender, in place of the twelve wheeled ones of the first twenty locomotives. Thus, the first locomotives became known as "FEF-1," whilst these were known as "FEF-2".
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