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SD-40 Chainsaw Icon Shop Diesel
SD-40 Chainsaw
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 106 Icon Power
Tax 608 Fuel
Dispatch XP 592 XP
Set N/A
OCU Required
Award Information
Award From Diesel Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Diesel Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box
The SD40-2 was introduced in January 1972 as the mid-range offering in EMD's six-axle locomotive series, competing against the rival GE U30C and the MLW M630. Although higher-horsepower locomotives were available, including EMD's own SD45-2, the reliability and versatility of the 3,000-horsepower SD40-2 made it the best-selling model in EMD's history and the standard of the industry for several decades after its introduction. The SD40-2 was a technological improvement over the previous SD40, incorporating modular electronic control systems similar to those of the experimental DDA40X.
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