"Because sending many trains on higher levels can get a bit difficult and tedious - with the Hyperloop update we introduce an unlockable technical extension - Resend, that makes sending local and international trains easier." - PF

Extension Main Resend
Resend allows players to resend the same train to the same destination/contractor/friends. It can be used from the station screen or inside the Train Manager screen. Resend is an Extension that can can be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions

Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
200 550 Gems 440 Gems 2,000,000
200 15,000 Aerogel
15,000 Nanotubes
15,000 Neodymium
12,000 Aerogel
12,000 Nanotubes
12,000 Neodymium
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.

Station ScreenEdit

This is an example of the Resend button on the main Station screen. Clicking this button the first time will unload any waiting trains. A second click will resend all those trains to the same destination they just came from.

If the station has both unloaded and loaded trains, Resend button will send all the unloaded trains first.

The Resend button will not appear if all trains on the station returned from a destination that is not accessible at the moment. (For example, recently built trains from the Trains Manager or returning from the timed Metropolis destination that has gone inactive)

Friend IT Resend Button
With the 10 Sep 2018 Game Update, Resend now have new feature which is known as Friend IT Unload Button (see on left), a new feature which now allow users dispatch all International Trains send by their friends to the player (own) station with one click (rather than clicking individually trains) collecting Gold and Material send by their friends, slowing clear out each time the train leaves and reappear when next batch of International Trains arrives to player station.

Note: This feature only be unlock, when the player buy the Resend from the Shop.

Resend Location Zoom Setting
Note: from 10 Sep 2018 Game Update, now show depending on player set their station zoom setting, Resend button will move up or down, to it new location that player set the zoom at. The image below show max and min zoom setting and its location shall be at.

The image on right show the player station has been zoom in, where Resend button location set in middle of maglev rail. Whereas the image on left show the player station has been zoom out, where Resend button location set in middle of original five track.

This could be location management made easier for players to click and see where is Resend button on their station area on the right side corner.

Train Manager (Local)Edit


This is an example of the Resend button on the Train Manager's Local Trains screen. Clicking the Resend button will dispatch the train to the same destination as the last trip. The length of the trip is shown.

Train Manager (IT)Edit

This is an example of the Resend button on the Train Manager's International Trains screen. Clicking the Resend button will show the same contractor/friends as the last trip (up to 8 people depending on your Trainroute Planner purchases).
You have now the possibility to change the recipients or to send.
Resend Change Recipients

After using the Send button you still have the opportunity to change the amounts sent.

Resend Red
If you do not have any materials or passengers/mail to load a train, the Resend button will turn red.


  • Added with the 6 Mar 2017 Game Update.
  • Added with the 10 Sep 2018 Game Update - Friend IT Unload Button (Desktop/Portal version only (will be added to mobile versions soon).
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