Portrait small Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Ralphie & Rudy's Contract Story (2016)
1 Hi there! We're Ralphie and Rudy and this year, we're helping Mrs. Claus with Christmas, yay! Do you want to join us? There's something you should know: we love robots! If you buy us one, we promise to help you whenever you need it.
2 You seem to be a rich adult! We can't wait to see what you got us.
3 That's it? We expected a bigger one :( We're sure that you could do better!
4 Mrs. Claus is very nervous - she has to organize this year's Christmas all by herself! Maybe a robot factory could help us make the presents faster...
5 We need A LOT of robots so come on - send us more materials! The factory must be huge.
6 We hope that you can build the robot factory on your own because there's a sale in the candy shop around the corner. See ya!
7 You won't believe it: Tooth Fairy has visited Ralphie because of all the sweets he ate. Ouch! Nevermind, where are the robots? Wow, what an army! We don't need the factory anymore now, do we?
8 These robots are sooo awesome! And they're smart too (just like you!). They said that we should find a loading station for all the gift materials. By the way: do adults get gifts from Santa too?
9 Mrs. Claus is furious :( We were sledging down the roof of her new warehouse and Rudy made a little hole in it... She said if we don't repair it, we won't get any presents this year! Please, please, pleeeeeease help us!
10 Is it getting warmer or do we have a flu? Oh no, we should have listened to Mrs. Claus and wear a cap yesterday. Can you take care of the preparations until we're fit again?`And bring us a glass of warm milk with honey please! And chocolate chip cookies too!
11 Mrs. Claus needs your help because she's running out of resources. We're still too weak :( Any cookies left?
12 Santa's reindeer need a new fence to protect them from naughty elves like us! At least that's what Mrs. Claus said. Would you please take care of it because we're really offended now!
13 Mrs. Claus is worried that there won't be enough presents. We're sure that a nice batch of Gold would ease her mind.
14 We've received letters from all over the world, except from Norway. You've always wanted to see fjords, haven't you? No? Anyway, get ready for the journey because now you'll see them!
15 RUBBER WANTED: Mrs. Claus needs materials again. She says that it doesn't matter, but let us tell you a little secret - we definitely won't need Glass anymore! There are tons of Christmas balls in Santa's basement.
16 We have a problem: Ralphie saw all the presents and refuses to send them out! Do you remember the robots? I think we'll need their help again.
17 BRICKS ARE USELESS AT THE MOMENT - all the chimneys are prepared for our gifts since Thanksgiving. However, a generous batch of cement will be needed soon.
18 Robots are tired so we have to finish the Christmas preparations on our own. Make some space for the presents!
19 This year's winter is extremely cold. Look at our poor reindeer - they've been shivering all day long! Let's build them a shelter.
20 Christmas Eve is near! Mrs. Claus promised to bake us her famous gingerbread if we fill the warehouse with some extra supplies. And we love gingerbread so you know what to do...
21 While you were shipping the materials, we wrapped a bunch of presents! Could you please take them to Mrs. Claus's house? They are so heavy...
22 Oops... those presents were for Santa! No child wants a chainsaw under the Christmas tree, after all. We should put everything in order before Mrs. Claus finds out. You won't tell her, will you?
23 If you're wondering where our reindeer are, they're enjoying spa in Greenland. Here's the news: for the first time in the history of Christmas, Mrs. Claus decided to use trains instead!
24 We still don't know if adults get presents for Christmas but we have one little gift for you. Prepare these last ones for shipment and enjoy Christmas!
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