Extension Rail Refit
Rail Refit allows players to change back additional refitted Hyperloop rails back into normal rails. The two original Hyperloop rails are unaffected.
This extension can be purchased in the Shop under the Extensions tab and becomes available after purchasing the Hyperloop Refit extension.

Shop Extensions

Technical LimitationEdit

Works only with the WebGL and mobile versions.

Rail RefitEdit

The following Rail Refit Slots are available for purchase from the Shop:

Name Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
Standard Refit I 300 9,900,000 Wood
8,900,000 Nails
7,900,000 Glass
7,920,000 Wood
7,120,000 Nails
6,320,000 Glass
Standard Refit II 300 7,900,000 Fuel
9,900,000 Steel
8,900,000 Gravel
6,320,000 Fuel
7,920,000 Steel
7,120,000 Gravel
Standard Refit III 300 7,900,000 Bricks
9,900,000 Cement
8,900,000 Carbon
6,320,000 Bricks
7,920,000 Cement
7,120,000 Carbon
Standard Refit IV 300 9,900,000 Marble
8,900,000 Plastics
7,900,000 Silicon
7,920,000 Marble
7,120,000 Plastics
6,320,000 Silicon
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.


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