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Quantus Launch Pad Icon Shop Building
Quantus Launch Pad
Type Building
Theme Red Planet
Limit +6,000 Passenger
Income +1,000 Income/h
Size 22 Space
  45.45 / Space  
Award Information
Award From Alex #5 Limit 1
Contract shop Information
Alex's Shop (2017)
Statistics Levels Cost Buy XP Contract(s)
Pass/h +500Passenger/h N/A 20,000,000 Wires
20,000,000 Plastics
20,000,000 Silicon
8,000,000 XP    5
Size 22 Space
Ratio 22.73 Passenger/Space
Other Information
This building is animated; the rocket engines are running.
There are two different versions of this building:
  • The initial one you build on Alex's station does not have the spaceship.
  • After completing Alex's contracts, the spaceship appears on his building.
    • This is also the one rewarded for completing Alex #5.
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