Portrait small Peter (2013)
Peter's Contract Story (2013)
1 Hi, you're the last of my assistants, aren't you? I'm Peter, the coach of the Cyclofederation team. Please place these race fences along the first stage of the race, we don't have much time.
2 The Corsican nature is breathtaking, isn't it? Unfortunately, so is the heat. I hope none of our riders will get off the road to cool down in the sea! Get some more bikes, just in case.
3 The first day of race! Oh boy, can you feel the atmosphere? This is what I like about sports - hard rivalry, but also hard earned recognition. What I DON'T like is hardly any fuel in their cars.
4 We've gained good time for stage 1, but now comes a much more difficult stage through the Corsican inland. I think we're ready, but are the observers ready to cheer us? Benches might help.
5 The third stage is super challenging, there's not a single meter of flat and it goes through the mountains high... wow, that was almost poetry. Nevermind, I want my riders to be as safe as possible.
6 The next stage is all about the best time. It's short AND it's in France. Welcome beautiful France! Oh, um, we'll need a different kind of bike tyres, one that can handle the speed of the winner!
7 The 5th stage is meant to be an easy ride from Cagnes-sur-Mer to Marseille. Only it's not. It's almost the longest stage of the whole race and we need to keep our riders hydrated. Make it happen!
8 Well, this is another flat stage, but my gut tells me something's not right here. Could you... could you gather nails from the whole region to prevent nails appearing on the road?
9 The seventh stage leads from Montpellier to Albi and I'm sure it's going to be full of cheering fans. I'd love to use this opportunity to promote our team a little more. After all, Cyclofederation needs fans more than
10 Our riders have been competing for the past eight days, they are exhausted and need us now more than ever. I try to motivate them each day, but the eighth stage is a difficult ascent and I want to be right behind them.
11 This is the last day before the rest day and it will be extra demanding. Even though it's a relatively short stage, there's a terrible 30 kilometer long climb and we have to come up with a clever strategy to keep
12 Ok ok, I know this is rest day and the riders want to have a good long nap and taste some fabled French food. But I've already arranged several interviews and live broadcasts with foreign journalists and our team.
13 Well, it's exactly how I've expected it to be. After a day's rest, our riders have lost their speed and ferociousness which gives weaker riders the perfect change to get ahead of use. After all, they need to improve
14 Brace yourselves, this will be a trial by fire for the whole Cyclofederation team. The very shortest and completely flat stage will require an experienced sprinter. I hope at least one of our riders can pull it off. I can
15 The next stage is flat too, especially because the riders are supposed to arrive in Lyon as fast as possible. We could use a first class sprinter again... And what always works are our first class fans!
16 Another simple stage, but since we're already in the second half of the race, the fans are all the more curious about the winner. That's why I've arranged a "Meet & Greet" event with our fans tonight. My only fear
17 Trust me - as soon as our riders set foot in Lyon, they will be surrounded by journalists and TV reporters. They already have their own tips about the individual winners, but since we all know that WE will be the
18 This is the stage we've all been working so hard for. It's not only the longest state of the whole race, but there's also the great Mont Ventoux waiting to break us. The mountain is 1912 meters high and it's the
19 Our results are... much better than everyone (except me, of course!) expected. I say we deserve a breather and since we've been invited to a party... Well I just couldn't say no. Not even when they asked me to share the
20 We've enjoyed a little time-out, but staying focused is the highest priority here. A small part of this stage goes downhill and I really hope that by the end of the day we'll still count as a cycling team, not an aerial one.
21 The colourful scenery between the French mountains and lakes might be a nice background for magazine photos but the only photos I care about are my riders on the winner's podium. Sweat, sweat and sweat some
22 Can you feel how the atmosphere gets more and more dense? The closer we are to the finish line, the more supporters are watching us, the more journalists are annoying us and the more difficult the mountain
23 Course de France is nearing its end and it seems the hot favourites of the race are getting somewhat aggressive. They're trying to attack each other to secure a better position for themselves, but they know it won't be
24 This stage? One long parkour with no chance to rest. The organizers of Course de France probably wanted to shuffle the cards before the end a bit. And they made it by introducing a steep 10 kilometer climb in the
25 The day has finally come. The absolute victory is within our reach, but first we'll have the honor of racing from Versailles gardens, around the Louvre courtyard, turning around the Arc-de-Triomphe and the great, magical,
26 Yes! We've won, WE'VE WON!!! I always knew we'd win, but nobody else believed in us. Hurry up my friend, we have to organize a festive reception! And since nobody on Course de France trusts buses
27 We've invited the whole high society for the reception. Or rather, they've invited themselves, for everyone wants to shake the hand of our grand winner. And we shall give them a splendid ride worth of the centennial
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