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PH37ACi Quad Icon Shop Diesel
PH37ACi Quad
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 55 Icon Power
Tax 435 Fuel
Dispatch XP 450 XP
Set PH37ACi Freight I (+25%)
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 1 Aug 2014 325 Gems 99,550 XP 100 Limit 2
Icon Shop VO Vintage 27 May 2015 270 Gems 79,650 XP 70 Limit 3
Logo Limited Limited 16 Sep 2019-
7 Oct 2019
430 Gems 6,652,500 XP 520 Limit 10
665,265,000 Gold 550 Limit 1
The GE PowerHaul is a class of mainline diesel-electric locomotives designed by General Electric. Thirty locomotives were ordered by Freightliner UK in 2007; the first locomotive was completed in July 2009 at GE's Erie, Pennsylvania plant. Three main subclasses exist: PH37ACmi for UK railways, PH37ACi a version for mainland Europe and elsewhere built to UIC 505-1 vehicle gauge, and PH37ACmai a version for 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge lines.
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