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Otto's Contract Story
1 So you are here to help me build this place up, right? Great. We will need some space first. Clear some trees, local people will help you for sure.
2 We will need a train station here, so we can start using trains to bring supplies. Get to it.
3 Great. I suggest starting with material shipping immediately. I want a working factory here as soon as possible.
4 New factory means new jobs for people. And people need a way of getting here fast. Start a passenger transportation service at once.
5 People who cannot commute every day ask for some housing so they can move in with their families and work here. Do it for them.
6 The town is growing fast, we need to make sure people have what they need. We will build some place where Doctor and Merchant can work.
7 All works perfectly. We must take advantage of it and expand our industrial area a bit. Are materials ya ready?
8 We have to remember people's need too. Local postman is flooded with letters, give him a hand, he could use some trains to ship mail.
9 With people, investors and business, there is also money coming along. Build a bank so we can take care of their needs in this gield.
10 Good job, people love green stuff! Why stop here, then? Let's put some green on those dull buildings too. With great ideas like this, I will become the president!
11 Local farmers seem to be struggling to provide provision for everyone. Time to bring some pigs from the other town's farms, they seem to have plenty.
12 Don't forget also expand industrial capacity. I guess we will need much more material.
13 I would like you to try our station's capacity and efficiency. Give me the results after experiencing whit some wagons transported by steam locomotives.
14 Just as I thought. Our trainstation needs some major improvements. You already know what you have to do. After all, you are the driver.
15 You have permission to build another track here. And it sure will not forget the steering both. You already know you need to operate more tracks.
16 People are demanding faster mail service! Employ your mail trains again.
17 I don't think that meets the long-term needs of these residential buildings. Build an architecture for a change
18 If you get the material needed, we can get us another new factory. I am sure you understand this properly as an order, not as an option.
19 The architect came up with some nice projects, building him an office was definitely worth it. Now go and build some of these new houses.
20 Better factories and better houses attract more people. We should improve our passenger service, so they feel comfortable when coming here.
21 Our station doesn't seem to be up to date to match those new trains. We need to work on that right now!
22 We need to think about something to keep people happy and entertained too, they work hard here. I could imagine a circus here...
23 I have some plans, but this time I want to be prepared. This is why I ask you to build some more shelters for people now.
24 New post office will help to keep people satisfied too. Everyone who moved here wants to stay in touch with their families and friends, of course
25 Good business means more money to run our operation here. Build a Stock Exchange to make some good business.
26 I am starting to like this plan. Now we need some more resources to fund it. By resources I mean money.
27 You might be more clever than I thought, we are making some money to expand further. Build a Gold Depository to store all this gold.
28 Time to have a coffee. What do you meen by "We have none"? Get some coffee, now! And bring enough for the people too!
29 Yes, I am calm now. Which means we are going back to business. Invest our savings into another factory. We need our production to increase.
30 We are doing great. I feel a new era coming. For all your work so far, I will let you build a large train station. But you have to get the material.
31 Now back to industrialization. We need to increase efficiency of our factories. Get bricks for building a tall chimney. That should do the job.
32 I plan on making a metropolis out of this town. Build some more large houses to attract the right people. I am starting to like it here.
33 Right, I decided to move here. Yes, I will make a residence in this town. Or better, you will build me a residence here, will you? A nice tower!
34 Marvelous! But I need some better means of transportation, so we can keep the rails clear for freight trains. Can you handle building my personal airship?
35 No time for more personal comfort! Increase the production by upgrading our factories! A proper foundry would be appropriate, so get some more bricks.
36 To turn a town into a city, you have to build some larger houses instead of those tiny cottages. Yes, that's a job for you.
37 We are using quite a lot bricks here. Maybe it would be a good idea to build our own brick factory. Do so.
38 Build a city gate worthy of a king walking through it and you will get the honour of operating a train worthy of a king riding it!
39 We are unable to open one of the depots here at the station. Bring me a caboose, or two... Or whatever number is required to find the right tools!
40 I think our work here is done. You did a reasonably good job here. If you wish to continue in your work, you can add this station to your railroad empire, for a price.
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