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One-Click-Unload (OCU) allows the player to unload an entire train just by clicking anywhere on the train. OCU is an Extension that can be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions

OCU is REQUIRED for all locomotives over 14 power Icon Power since longer trains will have wagons extending off the screen rendering the player unable to unload them otherwise.

With the 5 Dec 2016 Game Update, OCU replaced both One-Click-Cargo & One-Click-Passenger extensions.

With the 10 Sep 2018 Game Update, One Click Unload now can collect bonus from destinations and Contractor Partners with one click.

Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
16 180 Gems 144 Gems 2,500
35 90,000 Fuel
105,000 Steel
105,000 Gravel
72,000 Fuel
84,000 Steel
84,000 Gravel
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.
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