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The One-Click-Cargo (abbreviation: OCC) allowed a player to collect from all wagons in a cargo train with one click on the locomotive. In other words, OCC eliminates the need to click on each individual wagon. It was a required upgrade for all locomotives with power of 15 and higher. OCC was an Extension that could be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions
Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
16 180 Gems 144 Gems 2,500
35 90,000 Fuel
105,000 Steel
105,000 Gravel
72,000 Fuel
84,000 Steel
84,000 Gravel
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.

At one point, Pixel Federation offered One-Click-Cargo, One-Click-Passenger, and One-Click-Mail for free to new players who played the game via the TrainStation Portal. However, they realized that this made the game unbalanced, and they removed this incentive. Pixel still promotes the Portal as the preferred method of playing the game, using Portal-only content as incentives.


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