Nordic Summer
Theme NordicSummer
Type: Theme
Gem Purchase
Cost Normal Discount
100 Gems 80 Gems
Buy XP 8,350 XP
Level 32
Added to the Shop with the 20 Jun 2013 Game Update.

Data corrected with the 28 Nov 2016 Game Update.

The Nordic Summer theme is an extra novelty background available for purchase in TrainStation. It features a great winding river snaking its way through great Nordic mountains.

Contractors that have this theme as the background for their stations:

Historical InfoEdit

Limited Offer Logo Limited 15 - 29 Jun 2015
Cost in: 2015
Cost Discount Buy XP Level
80 Gems 64 Gems 8,350 XP 32
This is for Limited Offer details, which reduced the cost during that time period by 20%.
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