Portrait small Mrs. Wilma
Mrs. Wilma's Contract Story
1 Hello, traveller. My name is Mrs.Wilma; I am the wife of Mr. Bill. My husband told me you could help us with developing our town. Please, we need to clear some space for a new post office.
2 Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately, we have no spare materials for the new building. Could you use your railways to help us with this matter? Thank you very much.
3 You are a true hero to our people. Thanks to you, our town will have the infrastructure needed for growth. All we need to do now, is build the office.
4 Our own Pony Express office! I cannot believe my eyes. Thank you a thousand times. We will gladly leave the office in your hands, if you are willing to take care of this service.
5 A freind of mine, who lives in a neighboring town, told me about this telegraph device. You can send messages using some sort of cables. I could chat with her all day long!
6 Oh no! This summer rain was a little stronger than we expected. It caught us unprepared. Would you be so kind to help us once more, in our time of need? We lack the resources.
7 First thing we need to repair is the water pump. We cannot carry on with the work without water, that's for sure. It is crucial we make it work again before we run out of water reserves.
8 Thanks to your work, the pump is working again. That means we can renew our grain fields. Will you assist our farmers, so we can renew our supplies?
9 Now that our farmers can supply our granaries, we could use a bakery to produce something to eat. Can I ask you to help us with this task as well?
10 People are starting to recognize our town and many of them are willing to move here. We have to make sure they can find their shelter here. Let's build some houses for the lot!
11 Housing is prepared. Let people come! Can you use your railway to provide means of transportation for those willing to come here? I can promise you exclusivity for the deal.
12 I see you could use better station equipment for your trains. If you can spare some materials, I am sure we can provide you with better station.
13 The station building needs some repairs too, it seems. It is the first thing new people see when they arrive here, after all. We will present ourselves in a better light with better station.
14 People appreciate the work we have done for them. This is why they decided to build a statue of Mr. Bill, the man who brought us together and helped us build this town and your railway.
15 The statue is majestic. Thanks to your trains and our work, the town is rich enough to expand more and more. The council wants our monument to reflect this by being golden.
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