This is a list of items available from Mrs. Wilma's Shop. Some of these items are also awards for completing certain contracts. The awards may have different stats. To see the stats of an awarded item, click on its name.
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Mrs. Wilma's Buildings

Name Contract Cost Buy XP Pass. Inc. Space Income/Space
Pony Express Office [[#DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #3|DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #3]] 100 Wood
100 Nails
12 5 60 7 0.71
Bakery [[#DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #9|DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #9]] 200 Wood
200 Nails
25 5 60 7 0.71
Red House [[#DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #10|DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #10]] 75 Wood
75 Nails
10 2 24 4 0.50
Cream House [[#DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #10|DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Wilma #10]] 75 Wood
75 Nails
40 2 24 4 0.50

Once you have completed all contracts, you may maximize your passenger output from this station by building XXX, adding a total of ???? Passenger  to your station.

Mrs. Wilma's Decorations

Name Contract Cost Buy XP
Telegraph 100 Gold 2
Waterpump 100 Wood
50 Nails
Grain Field 200 Gold 5
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