Portrait small Mrs. Claus (2016)

Mrs. Claus' (2016) Contract Story
1 They say that Christmas is the most magical and peaceful time of the year... Nonsense! I've never been busier: my dear husband Santa decided to organize a penguin swimming race so the whole Christmas is up to me now. Oh, look at the mess over there!
2 Two things are crucial for us: gifts and mail. What do today's children dream of? We won't find out without their letters...
3 Good news is that Santa has found someone to help us. Bad news is, that the "someone" are the Christmas elves Ralphie and Rudy! Once you get to know them, you'll understand what I mean. One way or another, we must build them a place for gift manufacturing.
4 Oh, what would I do without you. But we still need more materials, remember that we're making presents for millions of children!
5 Can you hear the noise? It's Ralphie and Rudy approaching! I should have told you to get some earplugs before they arrive. We're short of time so let's build the toy factory!
6 Where will these elves keep their tools and materials? We have to build a warehouse.
7 Darling, this shipment might do for a small shed but we need something bigger. I hope you aren't too tired yet, because we're not even half done!
8 Elves would love to help you. If you're brave enough, go for it but I have mixed feelings. Allright, maybe I'm just too harsh on them...
9 Ehm... who was right? I wish I was wrong, trust me... Elves have completely ruined the roof of the warehouse while attempting to sledge. This looks like a pricey reparation!
10 Warehouse is ready to be filled with materials. Please, choose the best wood possible (we want children to enjoy their presents for many, many years).
11 Ralphie and Rudy are starving! Santa promised them 3 warm meals a day cooked by me. Good joke! Please, order some takeways (we'll pay by cash).
12 Pssst... do you hear anything? Me neither! Elves are pretty silent, right? Oh, look at those poor little ones - they caught a flu from all the hard work! We'll need some backup until they're healthy again. Santa's friends from Greenland will surely help us if we book them a comfy train.
13 Honestly, I know these guys only from Santa's old photos - they seemed to be quite fit back then. But now I'm worried that they'll end up sick like our elves. Let's build a hospital, just in case...
14 The hospital doesn't have to be huge (we're at the North Pole, after all) but we need some real experts to heal the patients. Make sure to pay them well.
15 Let's finish the hospital quickly, the gifts aren't ready yet!
16 Oh, no! Elves were feeling a bit better so they decided to „help" us. They found the hospital walls boring, so they painted them yellow-green! We need a white paint, some stable ladders and a lot of patience, otherwise the hospital will look like St. Patrick's nightmare.
17 Doctors have already arrived but we need nurses too. I've heard that the best ones are in Iceland so book the best coupés available.
18 Lately, we've been taking care of everything except from the Christmas presents. Luckily, Ralphie and Rudy made some truly beautiful gifts in the meantime so make sure to wrap them nicely.
19 Wow, look at this giant pile of presents! I'm afraid that we don't have enough reindeer to ship them. How about trying trains instead?
20 I'm too tired to load all the presents but there's an old crane behind the hospital. Elves said that they could repair it for us so let's hope for the best...
21 You know, I was quite angry with Santa but you can't really be mad at him, can you? He bought me a beautiful winter garden so please, send him this letter - he's allowed to sleep at home again.
22 Guess what happened now: Ralphie and Rudy wanted to help us with the present shipping so they took our poor reindeer out and broke the sledge. We must fix it before Santa finds out.
23 Elves did not only fix the sledge, they even improved it! Despite all the mess, we wouldn't make it without their help. They've always wanted a hot tub so now's the right time to reward them.
24 Santa's penguin team won the race, hooray! I've got a little gift for you so please, dispatch these last trains and enjoy it. Merry Christmas and see you next year!
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