Portrait small Mrs. Claus (2014)
Mrs. Claus' Contract Story (2014)
1 Hello, sweetheart! I'm so glad you've accepted my invitation! Welcome to our winter lake wonderland - a place lost in time and space, a place where all the magic happens. I understand you want to help me surprise Santa, is that right? Wonderful, wonderful!
2 My husband is a man of simple pleasures. He likes to eat, drink and laugh. But of course, spreading joy and happiness across the globe is his greatest delight. Well, what can I say, making him happy during Christmas season isn't difficult, but I personally strive to keep his belly full and go forth from there. We're going to build and run a bakery full of his favourite cakes!
3 Where shall we build it? I want the scent of cakes to spread through the air all over the place! But it's up to you my friend, I'm sure you'll decide wisely.
4 Oh what joy! Can you smell it? The bakery emanates light, sweet aroma and love. Just like Christmas! I'm sure there will be many left-over cakes, why not invite your friends and relatives to share the abundance with us?
5 Wonderful, your friends are such radiant souls! Speaking of light, legends say that Christmas night must be lit with myriads of lights to attract pilgrims and wayfarers. Don't worry, they will attract Santa, too!
6 My dear, you're such a great help! Our cooperation is truly blessed by stars! How about surprising Santa with a new sleigh and a new coat? He is working so hard he hardly noticed his old sleigh is in need of repair and his coat is getting too tight around the waist.
7 Here's another secret plan! Santa loves to drink hot wine with apples and cinnamon once it gets cold outside. I never seem to have time to prepare it for him before Christmas... Get the materials ready. His very own hot winery will be finished in no time.
8 Hmm, something is amiss here. Goodness! How could I forget the most important thing of all- the warm glitter and shine of a Christmas tree! But this time, the star of the tree will be Santa himself, tee-hee!
9 *Mrs. Claus sings* Oh how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away... Oh, it's you! I hope you're already in a Christmasy mood. Everything is going much better with a carol on the lips and a smile on the face. Even Santa knows this and that's why so many people flock around him!
10 Another year, another winter, another Christmas. And yet, it seems the spirit of Christmas burns undaunted and it burns oh so bright! For you know, it's hidden in people's hearts, slumbering and waiting. But when the Christmas star finally appears, the spirit wakes and radiates. Santa is so fond of the sight!
11 Wait, can you feel it? It got significantly colder during the last few days, I can tell by the redness of your cheeks... I suppose it's high time to build the winery we have promised Santa.
12 Come, rest for a while and have a class of wine! We have to mulled it with spice, cinnamon and apples and it's the best cure for freezing hands. What, you're still full of energy? Alright then, why don't you deliver more building resources for another surprise for Santa?
13 I know my husband well, he'll be happy to see all that we've prepared for him and yet... at the bottom of his heart, he will miss his dear friends, the elves. It's not easy to divert their attention away from work, but if you managed to drive them here, Santa'd be overjoyed!
14 You'd like to beautify our wonderland with a wintry fountain? I love the idea!
15 I haven't heard from gift-making elves in some time. I don't know if they're buried in work or they just didn't get my invitation. Please give them a ride, they won't show up without your help.
16 The elves are so wonderful, they agreed to help us build Santa's reindeer station! Some gold is still missing to get all the required equipment, but apart from that, we've got all the help we need.
17 Now where shall we put the station? As always, I will be content with whatever decision you make.
18 I was asking myself: "What else does Santa like?" And I remembered! Postcards and letters from children all around the world!
19 Oh no, Santa's sleigh got damaged again! We can either try to fix it ourselves or give him a brand new set of sleighs. Hopefully they'll hold out more than his last...
20 Oh, I'm so sorry sweetheart! You're cold, aren't you? You should have said so, I'm used to this severe chill, but you're new here... Come, let me help you build a warm shelter. You're going to feel much better inside your own cabin by the hearth.
21 Christmas Eve is almost upon us, but I still feel this place lacks something. Of course - decorated trees! Their glow will melt everyone's heart and spread the true Christmas spirit among all people of good will.
22 Good gracious, we cannot celebrate Christmas by ourselves! Take these invitations. If it's at all possible, give them to as many kind people as you can. Oh, and see to their transportation, I'm sure they'll be grateful.
23 We mustn't forget to prepare presents for everyone! Don't worry, Santa's elves are here to help us, remember? In the end, it's going to be a lot of fun for everybody!
24 Christmas is so close! Let's commemorate this moment by building the beautiful new clock tower you've designed. Well call it "Christmas Time" and it shall forever stand witness to this enchanting evening!
25 Merry Christmas, dear friend! I cannot thank you enough for all the work you've done here. Santa is so overjoyed, look at his teary eyes. He would never have guessed what awaited him! You are the kindest, most wonderful and generous soul alive. In the name of Santa Claus, our home and all good magic left in this world, I bless you with all my heart. May you find peace and happiness in all that you do, from now until the end of your days!
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