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Moose Transport L XP
Moose Transport
Wagon Type XP
Capacity (%) +100%
Train Types Icon Shop Loco / Icon Shop Diesel / Icon Shop Electric
Set(s) N/A
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 18,700 Gold Cost N/A
Buy XP 340 XP Buy XP
Level 50 Level
Limit 10 Limit
Other Information
Added to the Shop at an unknown date.

There actually is a fun story behind this wagon:

Moose Statue

Back in 2011/2012, the Moose Statue was added to the game. At first, not that many players cared about the new decoration but, a few days later an active player of the game saw a station with about 25 of those statues, and posted about it on the Trainstation Forums.

Although the player's intention was completely different, the story of the moose got a life of its own, and eventually reached the developers of Trainstation. They decided to support the joke by putting this wagon to the game as gift.
Used to be a Gift.

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