Portrait small Mizuki

Mizuki's Contract Story
1 Good day to you, stranger. I heard only good things about you, but you will have to prove yourself to earn my trust. My city needs more land to grow. That will be your first task.
2 You have been summoned again, because I find your lack of dedication disturbing. Do you call that tiny piece of land "space to grow"? We need more!
3 Before we start expanding, we need to make sure we have the means to bring the resources here. Something better than your puny weak trains. MAGLEV is the future and the future is us!
4 Progress cannot stop us from remembering our traditions. Build us some of our typical houses, so our identity isn't lost in the concrete jungle our city has become.
5 Foreigners don't have understanding for the houses we live in, so let our foreign partners stay in a nice hotel. Of course you will be the one to build it.
6 My new MAGLEV rail made this old locomotive obsolete.  But I heard you are into trains like this, so I guess you might want to buy it.
7 Traditions cannot stop us from remembering to progress. We will build a new business center to attract more investors. You are required to bring us the materials.
8 We have to stay ahead of our competition. Bring me some of the 0 Series locomotives and I will get you something better for your passenger service. I hope you will praise me for my generosity.
9 You need to upgrade other parts of your Shinkansen train too. I hope you don't take my help for granted and I hope you don't count on it lasting forever. Progress while you can!
10 Power is not everything. Locomotive power, that is. You should get new wagons to take care of the mail service. You should and you will!
11 The passenger service seems to be almost satisfactory. Keep the schedule reinforced, until you get the final piece of your new train.
12 The time has come to show everyone our new Shinkansen! Introduce it to the general public and bring me the glory I deserve!
13 Our people are very fond of cars, so more citizens mean more cars. You have to do something about this mess on our streets. Or at least provide the funds for our car parking project.
14 The city became a meeting point for car enthusiasts, it seems. They encourage local people to buy new cars as well. Make their dreams come true. We can make some profit out of this, i think.
15 Time to open a new business here. I guess you could be in charge of this project. That means you will have to take care of the funding too, of course. Get the resources for a fishing harbour!
16 It seems your fishing business is going better than you expected. For a price, you can get a license for your own restaurant. Money shouldn't be problem with your profits.
17 You have to expand your harbour to be able to handle standard transport containers, in order to trade internationally. And I can give you a suitable locomotive in exchange for some of your goods.
18 You have my permission to build your own business center, the seat of you company's headquarters. Be thankful, for I don't grant liberties like this often!
19 I would like a representative estate of my own. And you are going to build it for me, to show you gratitude for everything I let you do here. A small castle would be suitable.
20 The castle looks good, but I require some place for my beloved long walks. A sakura grove is exactly what I want. THe resources can be bought in the neighborhood, so just bring the money.
21 A morning breeze always makes my walks more pleasent and energizing. This is why I want you to bring here the materials for a temple of the Wind, so my servants can build it for me.
22 I just decided I deserve more, for everything I have done for these people and for you. You will organize a celebrations for me and you will use a special decorated train for this event.
23 My palace is nice, but it needs to be more magnificent for the celebration. Start bringing the material for extending the seat of my greatness. People must bathe in my glory!
24 Continue with the creation of the special celebration train. You will now decorate some wagons and you better do it well. I can be generous, but I can be strict too. You don't want to see that.
25 Last piece of the celebration train is what you need now. I hope you already know what to do, so you don't waste more of my precious time.
26 The train is ready. The palace is not. You will fix this, at once. I don't want my celebration to be ruined by some unfinished work.
27 Great! The celebration may begin! This will be the most clorious dat of your life. Start sending the special celebration train set!
28 The celebrations were a real success. Our city got famous and so did I. For this, you may continue with expanding the commercial zone. It is both desired and required.
29 I see you like buisness. I hope honor means as much to you as money. I think you can gain both by building another Kaiju Tower building. It is a project I have always liked.
30 We have trains, we have ships, but we are missing airplanes. You will fund the landscape smoothing, so at least some airplanes can land here until you create a proper airfield.
31 I know your fishing business is a great success, that is why I think your fishing harbor needs a modernisation, so it doesn't continue to be a disgrace of our city's architecture.
32 I see you got rid of that awful harbor, now take care of the resources for the new one. And do it fast.
33 To continue with the modernisation, you will need more people to help you. Be competent at least once and take care of it by yourself.
34 Now carry on with the construction of the new harbor. I hope you already know what to do. And how.
35 The air traffic is rising surprisingly high. I am afraid we are not completely ready for that. Start preparing some infrastructure for a small airport.
36 By "a small airport" I didn't mean just a meadow with airplanes. High traffic needs good traffic control. I though you would know that by yourself. Anyway, get to work.
37 I will take care of the next step of our airport construction by myself. Or at least my people will do that. You just make sure there will be enough people and goods to ship with those airplanes.
38 Do you see? This is how it's done! I hope you watched and learned, because I want you to take the constrution over. I need my people for my own projects.
39 The airport looks ready and operational. But you neglected the looks of my castle in the meantime. A nice big statue should be enough ... for now.
40 Don't make the city look poor when compared to the airport and my castle. Build new buildings. Big buildings! Modern buildings!
41 There is another building design I would like to see in my city, but we need someone to create a new zoning plan. That someone will need to be paid. I am sure you understand.
42 Good, the plan is done, you can continue with the construction. At last you did something that almost met my expectations.
43 The airport. Why does it have only one gate to airplanes? I don't know whose mistake this is, but you will fix it. Bring the meterials, we will build more gates.
44 The construction is going well. I need you to make sure there will be airplanes to use those gates. Go and buy me some airplanes.
45 With the airport ready at last, we can move to something that you will be familiar with. A big train exhibition! International train exhibition! But first, decorate my station for the occasion.
46 Don't stop in the middle of your work! One more statue and we are ready for the show! They will adore my station! And maybe your trains too.
47 I want the exhibition to show trains from all over the world! You can start with some American trains.
48 Europe should have some trains here too. Deliver them here. And choose some good-looking ones, please, will you?
49 As you bring the newest Asian trains here, I need you to start preparing for my big moment. I will present the best of my trains here too!
50 You will fund the exhibition of my new train. You will gladly do it for the honor, I am sure, but you will see I am even more generous that.
51 I see money isn't a problem for you. That is good, because my train is not a cheap thing.
52 Help us with some materials for the finishing works of my train's final part and we are good to go. It will be glorious!
53 The long awaited moment is here. I cannot wait to see everyone stare at my train in awe. You have my respect for handling this.
54 The big moment is over, it was wonderful! Everyone sees we have the best trains now! You can continue to deliver other trains now, so people see how great the exhibition is.
55 I thought people enjoyed modern trains a bit more, but they obviously demand some historical engines too. Get your hands on some of these big manly machines and bring them here!
56 The exhibition is finally over! It was glorious, but now it's time to clean up the mess. Those heavy train sets didn't leave the rails in particularly good condition, we need to repair them.
57 Our airport needs to improve the quality of service it provides. Passengers' luggage service has to be taken care of and we could use a new telecommunications tower.
58 The last thing we haven't looked at is science. But we really need to, as science is the key to progress. Build a science laboratory, so we can research new technologies.
59 The new cement transportation technology seems to be working well. If you are interested in this technology, bring some of your cement wagons for modernisation.
60 After all this time, I think you seem competent enough to take complete responsibility for the train service in my city. To finally prove your worth, just show me how you can handle high traffic.