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  • I live in Prague
  • I was born on March 17
  • I am male
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  • Okay, I no longer have any clue what's going on here.

    First, I was creating a new design for the Themes and Extensions pages.  I asked for input from the community.  You provided said input in huge supply.

    Next, we agreed on a bunch of things and disagreed on a bunch of things.  We discussed a few things.

    Meanwhile, I'm working diligently to get the page finished within the parameters we discussed, and suddenly, you plagiarise my entire workshop, create your own workshop, completely change almost everything I created, ignore my pleas to keep the page in line with Wikipedia's Manual of Style, and announce to the world that your workshop is "the new structure proposal", as if Pella never existed and never mattered.

    I have no words to express the extreme level of frustration I'm experiencing right now, not to mention the feeling that my thoughts, my ideas, and my work are completely useless.  If your intent was to circumvent the majority of the style guidelines and grab a bunch of glory, you might have told me that in the beginnning.  That way, I could have spent the last month working on something worthwhile instead of completely wasting my time creating a huge piece of electronic trash.

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    • Well, obviously, I did not leave the TrainStation Wiki.  Kata0nyx asked me to stay, and I have. However, I have done nothing on the Extensions project except for two small edits just to keep things consistent.

      I made some decisions in the last few weeks since I wrote the "Confused" post.  While the details of the decisions are private, one of the results is that I can definitely assure you that nothing like that ever will happen again.

      I very much want to continue working on this project, and I very much want you to continue working on it with me.  I sincerely hope you can find a way to forgive my mistake, and that we can move forward, together.  :-)

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    • Hello Pella.

      Thanks for your message and excuse me that I didn't manage to reply before Christmas as I originally anticipated. Well, I am still here... I just still feel a little overwhelmed and sorry about what happened. It seems that it was one huge misunderstandment. I would be happy to finish the original project together, but currently I don't have enough time & energy. Honestly, I would say I was previously putting too much efforts & time into it. Aparently (much) more than I am / was able to afford.

      I would like to thank you for collaboration on Extensions project. I really appreciated our exchange of ideas. Please feel free to finish / conclude the Extensions project without me. My greatest obstacle is that all the necessary communication when taking part in team project requires a lot of time. Still ... in our case were all the time & efforts inputed just not enough (as I believe that the lack of communication was the primary reason for what happened).

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  • Where do you got the portraits of the contractors from, you uploaded at the Contractor site?

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  • Thank you for your work on the Category:Extensions page!

    I've also been working on this page, although all of my work has been offline.  Updating the page with new information is only part of this project.  Several contributors here also have been working to make the entire site more consistent.  Since the Extensions page is inconsistent with everything else on the site, we are reformatting the entire page.

    So, while we definitely appreciate your effort and intent, and while the page does look better than it did, all of your work will be gone in a day or two, and it will be replaced by a completely different format.  Had I noticed your edits sooner, I would have told you sooner.  My apologies.

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    • Well, here are some photos & short introduction info about that app. However, everything there is ca 1 month old -> a lot has changed from that time! Application looks much better now ... at least that's what I hope :)

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    • Wow, that looks super complicatd!!  Is the game going to feed data into your app, or will the users have to input everything manually?  If manually, the screenshots make it look really overwhelming.

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