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  • I live in New Jersey
  • My occupation is System Engineer
  • I am male
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  • hi in trainStation

    i couldn't complete the contract with johaan

    mission is DEliver chrome cargo i set to johaans station. how to complete this mission. Mission no 5.Help me.....With loads of trucks to send to johaan

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there, 

    my name is Hermann Steineman and i do have an Idea or maybe an opportunity.

    I am currently working as Comunity Manager at PixelFederation and my main project is TS and it may be obvious. I was wondering if you would love to have me on your side and on your site, helping with questions/topics/problems and maybe some content. I am not gonna be able to do this forever, but i was thinking it could help this page.

    Let me know, we can talk on private if needed.



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    • Hello, Hermann!

      Nice to see PF managers here.

      Mhommer is not active now, you can ask User:TrashTerrier, he is admin here and contributing everyday.

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    • Hello Hermann,

      As a Community Manager of PF, you must know of the official TS forums, where are hundreds of unanswered questions a day...
      What are you doing HERE?

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    • Hey there,

      well we have split tasks and more free space as i would call it.

      So i was looking at the wiki and wondering i could help some time.

      But i can not promise anything.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Mike, I want to inform you that I retired from Admin rights at the end of November.
    Since then only Bent and TT left as admins.
    But with the massive changes PF put to TS, especially recreating over 100 new images to engines and wagons with this weeks update, the need rises for a new admin.
    I think of MarvelPhx, he had already done a massive overhaul to all images, but if we want to keep the old pics too, there's also a big effort to rename all the changed pics.
    Maybe you can also give TT the status of a bureaucrat, so we don't have to wait in the future for your response.
    Thanks Rolf

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  • Hello! Are you the owner of this picture? (the shuttle on the pad)

    I would like to use an adaptation of it on my forum, which may eventually make money but does not exist yet... 

    here is the pic

    I will use it only for good and the advancement of fledgling entrepreneurs.

    Please email me at as I am not a part of your forum.

    Thank you,


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    • The owner of all pics is Pixel-Fed. We have only this right from PF.

      This file is copyrighted by Pixel Federation of Bratislava, Slovakia. Pixel Federation has granted, in writing, its permission for TrainStation Wiki and its interlanguage companion sites to use Pixel's content for encyclopedic, non-commercial purposes.

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    • The images at this wiki are for encyclopedic, non-commercial purposes only.
      If it's in any way making you money, either by using it in a logo or otherwise, you are not allowed to use it without the permission of the rightful owner (Pixel Federation)

      I suggest you contact Pixel Federation and ask for their permission

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello I've just finished making a list of all trains in the museum as of right now and I'd like to know what you think about it. And if you like to ass a link to it on the top bar menu where we have the museum levels and rewards link. Let me know, thanks.

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  • Hi Mike, Pella and DocTrain

    For some weeks we are missing the presents of an admin on our side. There have been some new pages created, which must be implemented in the menu's.

    Please make contact, so we know how to get on with maintaining this great site.

    Thanks, Bent Lauridsen

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    • It works the same as with "bullets" (* at the start of a line)

      • 1 "bullet", Top line of the menu
        • 2 "bullets", bottom line of the menu
          • 3 "bullets", menu that drops from bottom line of the menu
            • 4 "bullets", Menu that slides sideways out of previous drop down
              • 5 "bullets", Menu that slides sideways out of previous menu, though i'm not sure if 5 is possible as the max in use is 4 at the moment

      AT the Wiki-navigation page itself, you see it as above

      1 = Trains, Gameplay, Shop, Activities (On the Wiki is a standard menu option, can't change it, and is not included in the Wiki-navigation)
      2 = (From Activities) Contracts, Achievements, Levels, Help & Tips
      3 = (From Contracts) Easy, Medium, Hard, Seasonal
      4 = (From Easy) Mrs. Wilma, Johann, Mahatma

      The menu works in order of appearance, and linking works slightly differend as linking on a normal page, as you don't need the [ ]

      ***Category:Steam Locomotives|Steam Locomotives
      ***Category:Diesel Locomotives|Diesel Locomotives
      **<nowiki>Wagons</nowiki> (not a link)
      ***Category:Cargo Wagons|Cargo Wagons
      ****Category:Wood Wagons|Wood
      ****Category:Brick Wagons|Brick
      **Category:Train Sets|Train Sets
      ***Category:Shop Train Sets
      **Train Management (not a category page)
      ***Category:Local Trains|Local Trains

      I hope i made it understandable ;)

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    • Yes and it was also what I had noticed.

      I have added the new bonus and xp required pages and then removed the bonus table from the old bonus page.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Mike, Pella and Doctrain

    since some weeks we are missing an admin on our side. There have been some new pages created, which must be implemented in the menue. Please make contact here or per PM on the Forum.

    Thanks, Rolf Al

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    • Sorry, my travel schedule for work has changed drastically recently and have not had the opportunity to monitor. What specifically needs to be created and added?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Mike,

    Before i'm going to update the list, do you want the list appearance with or without images?
    At the Dutch wiki i've included images, so you can see what it looks like

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    • I like the images. When I did it a few years ago I was more concerned with just getting all the information in place. A little update in the styling definitely wouldn't hurt. :)

      Thanks for your efforts.

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    • Thanks for your efforts.

      Well, i have to copy the pages to the NL wiki anyway, making such a change is not much of an effort at all ;)

      I've got the (EN) list ready, i'll update the list (and template) soon

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    • Shop list is updated

      Changes made;

      • Adjusted {{ShopTrain}} to show the images (also parameter image overrides name when used)
      • Renamed set names to be consistent with the game
      • Renamed some of the loco names that have the same name, but differ in colour (original page is now disambig page)
      • Adjusted {{Portal}} and uploaded a smaller Portal Only image (parameter s shows the smaller image for use in lists)

      And ofcourse i've added the locomotives that weren't listed

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Mike,

    I just saw a message at the TS forum about the green numbers on storage items (rewards), so i've checked the wiki about it and couldn't find anything about it. The only thing we have are costs. Shouldn't we add this info, along with other info about rewarded items? (like rewards that can't be sold)

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    • Yes we should. There is a bit of information about scatter in different location but nothing direct explaining rewards and the green numbers. Any suggestions for where that information would be best placed and viewed?

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    • Well, best placed is with the storage info (ext. page), but when ppl use the search engine for "green numbers" they get no results
      Maybe a new Category:Rewards page?

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    • I just saw a reply from Zuzka Margetinov (Pixel) directed to me
      Gem bought items should also show the green numbers, and shouldn't take storage space

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Mike,

    The cargo wagons are separated into shop, reward & offer, as the offer wagons appear in both special & vintage offers, are they supposed to appear twice in the list with the differend prices, or just first appearance?

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    • I would recommend you to save your gems until after lvl 90/120 when you can buy much better trains.

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    • Thanks for the tips trash,bent. I think i am little bit impatient.

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    • A FANDOM user
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