• I live in Nord-Korea lite
  • My occupation is Conlanger
  • I am CRAZY!
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  • I hope you follow my wall, and that you can see this

    Due to unsolvable error creep, here's the deal:

    • Discounts are to be initiated by the named parameter discount
    • There will be no abbreviations of the parameter name, not even to disc
    • It's possible to abbreviate the type to the first letter
    • The mathematical inverse of a discount requires a - before the type
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  • Hi again, I’m wondering if you play TrainStation game?

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  • Hi, I just notice you made minor change to Discount.... as I thinking this... how person know to revert it back to original cost? Since you say use the "Cost" code

    As I have discount item in my game, so I have to used NoCost etc, for me get it right... lol... Since I see you mark some of the page as Template no longer maintained.

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  • I've removed the ban on you, as i need you to look at a template that's not behaving as i want
    Template:MuseumProgress is supposed to display 2 values from a single input
    The 2 values are separated by a slash, so i've used #pos to make the template look at what's in front and behind that slash
    It's working perfectly, but somehow it changes 100 into 00, which causes the next template to give the division by zero error

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    • I'm going to continue working on {{cost}}, until I'm satisfied, btw

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    • MarvelPhx wrote: I mean there are ~100 pages that now say PLEASE USE COST. When I make a template change, I go and fix all the pages it changes.

      It's less intrusive now

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  • We are trying to do a dutch translated version of the trainstation wiki, but we can use a lot of help with explaining the editing. If you like and want to help us, please leave a mesage.

    greetz Frank

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    • Thanks for the fast response, will contact Mhommer

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    • As you work to "improve" the code, remember that it's a relative term. ;-)

      We are working on a huge number of giant changes simultaneously. One of them is rewriting the entire Style Guide. Sometimes, a simple improvement is something we decided to change months ago. Other times, pages obviously need improvements, but we know we're going to change everything on the page eventually, anyway, so we don't bother.

      The point is, we definitely appreciate any help improving the appearance of the pages or just the code itself. At the same time, it's not our highest priority right now, so you probably don't want to make it yours, either. ;-)

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