• I live in Maryland
  • My occupation is Engineer
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  • If i tell you my level in some contractors, can you please tell me the materials that are missing, so i can send them and save some tine? Thanks

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  • Hi Mike, Pella and Doctrain

    since some weeks we are missing an admin on our side. There have been some new pages created, which must be implemented in the menue. Please make contact here or per PM on the Forum.

    Thanks, Rolf Al

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have a couple of questions,

    1. is it possible to use different trains through the Level up page,

    ex. Clampton from lvl 5 and to 60

      GMD 61 to 151

      WAGR S Class 152 -

      And if this is possible how do i set thie up

    2. is it possible to let the user choose what language he/she want to get the TS site be showned in. I know that we have a lot off users in Denmark that can't understand English, and therefore I have been thinking of creating a Danish version of the site, but if I have to start from scratch I don't want to do this, if I only would have to translate the text and would have all the structure, I would start the job.

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  • Sorry, I think we both were working on the fourth station at the same time. I think I lost all my edits and it kept yours.

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  • Good morning!

    Okay, I know I've been gone for a while, so I'm willing to acknowledge that some things were discussed and changed in my absence.

    Before I left, Nickembrey was spearheading a project to bring consistency to the way the various contract lists are formatted. Several items discussed and decided by the community were:

    • When one optional objective requires gems, place a gems icon next to it. Items purchased for gold are the norm and require no special attention, so there's no need for a gold icon next to these items.
    • Delete the XP icon within the entries for that column. The icon is in the column header, and it consumes space unnecessarily. (While space isn't at a premium in these tables, it is in others. Removing the icon sitewide helps provide more consistency.)
    • Cost of buildings and such should use parameter cont=y instead of line=y.
    • Maybe more, but those are the things that scream at me this morning.

    That was then, and this is now. Please bring me up to speed on the current standards. ;-)

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    • Gotcha. In great part, the non-implementation rests on my shoulders because of my absence. Mea culpa.

      One small adjustment: Use Mrs. Wilma and Johann for the verification and as examples on which to model other contractors. Mrs. Wilma's contracts don't use all the features we discussed. Both her page and Johann's page should represent the implementation of everything that was discussed and agreed. I think even Johann may be missing one or two small tidbits, but their use is uncommon, anyway.

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    • Nah, the non-implementation rests on my shoulders as well. Have been very busy with work as of late and haven't been able to devote enough time to make improvements. Plus the numours other editors we had at one time also seem to have all been absent recently. Probably something to do with nice weather :)

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  • Hey Katat0nyx gots one more for you not in the book ok its the JRF Eh200
    Screenshot 371

    jrf eh200

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    • This reply has been removed
    • your welcome Mhommer and im slowly working on stuff trying to update the if if i know for a 100 % that its right 

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  • Howdy This morning I made some major changes to the category pages for Passenger Wagons, Mail Wagons, and Passenger and Mail Wagons. A short time later, new CoolDudeEditor Nickembrey mentioned that Passenger Wagons and Mail Wagons no longer appear under Trains > Wagons on the navigation menu at the top of every page.

    I have no clue how or why that could have happened. (If you know or find out, maybe you could educate me so I can avoid a repeat.) I also can't fix it, hence this note.


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    • Ah, there we go. The old "It Hasn't Been Updated in Three Years" trick. Gets 'em every time. ;-)

      Well, since we're on the subject of updating the navigation menu, anyway, do you have time for a few small edits? I've noticed a few things that need to be edited, plus some things that I think should be edited. Here goes:

      • Shop
        • Extensions
          • Primary Station ==> Main Station (name change in the game)
        • Themes
          • Extra Themes
            • Black Hills Theme
            • Night Theme (combined with Snowfall)
            • Day Theme
            • Snowfall Theme
            • Clear Weather Theme
            • Bavaria Theme
            • Nordic Summer Theme
          • Award Theme
            • add between existing entries: Steamtopia Theme
            • add at end of list: Red Planet Theme :-D
          • Seasonal & Limited Themes (items missing and out of order)
            • Starfall Night Theme
            • Transylvania Theme
            • Christmas Night Theme
            • Polar Theme
            • Santa's Polar Theme
            • Snowy Metropolis Theme
            • Winter Lake Theme
      • Activities
        • Contracts
          • Medium (items out of order)
            • Bobby
            • George
            • Otto
            • Sam
            • Jules
            • Alan
            • Wolfgang

      That's it for now. ;-)

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    • And now that we're also on the subject of themes, here's something else that bugs the hell out of me and I'd like to see changed, if possible.

      All of the basic themes have buildings and decorations under their respective umbrellas. Steamtopia, Polar, and Transylvania do, too. It makes sense for these themes to be categories, so we can associate the buildings and decorations with them.

      None of the other themes have things to associate with them, yet most or all of the other themes also are categories. I'd very much like to see non-stuff themes get changed from categories to articles. I don't know what's involved with that, though. Should I simply create article pages and then ask you to delete the category pages? Or is there a way to just to change the namespace of these pages from :Category to :Main? Obviously, the second option would be faster and cleaner, if it can be done.

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  • I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me with ts. Many thanx again!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Katat0nyx

    hey i had found that in the wiki their is no info on a JNR DD51 Sumo its a 12 power with a tax of 84 

    Screenshot 246

    i got it in my storage but cant find any info on it or where it may have come from

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  • Here I come, bugging the admin again. This is almost becoming a hobby, in and of itself. :P

    I noticed that {{Trainset}} could use a bit of a tweak. It seems that any occurrence of the word "special" within the Notes section will trigger the application of Category:Special Offer. While this certainly is the desired behaviour in most cases, it's not always.

    Case in point: Swift Consolidation (Set)
    Although the word "special" does not appear on the page, the achievement "Post Collector" links to Special Achievements#Collect Envelopes. Even though the word "special" is part of a link--that link having nothing to do with Special Offers--the template uses it to apply a category that is inappropriate for this set.

    Perhaps we could change the template to key on the full phrase "special offer" instead? I don't know whether any of the set pages use the word "special" by itself to indicate a Special Offer. We're slowly making our way through the various set pages, though, converting them to the new format. If any such pages do exist, we'll get them cleaned up as part of the conversion process.

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    • Thank you for providing the calming voice of reason. There's no reason why we can't have duplicate Award and Reward categories for a while, especially if we make notes about deprecation on the Award pages.

      Good call on migrating the infoboxes all at once, too. Even though it was my idea, I wasn't exactly thrilled about us putting our hands on every single one of them, twice. ;-)

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    • hmmmmmmm .... Here's a modification of the "old crap" idea that's much cleaner than the original idea. Since we're not actually looking to beat editors over the head as I first thought, then we don't actually need to change the visible output of the template. All we really need is to change step #3 above:
      3. If you get an old parameter name and the loco type is steam, add the page to a special category--a place where the editors can find all pages that need to be updated in one place, together, without disrupting any content on the site.

      It may be wise to keep the multi-step part of the plan, just to help us keep track of what has and hasn't been done. It becomes much less critical to do it in segments, though, when we're not spitting out "old crap" messages in the middle of infoboxes everywhere.

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