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  • Hi, i've added Tooltips to the wiki (see here), but all i get is bright text against a white background (1st line), Advanced Tooltips (2nd line) allow html, but changing the text color to black with the use of html shouldn't be the solution. also Custom Tooltips (3rd & 4th lines) don't even work at all, i know i'm probably forgetting something or doing something wrong, but i don't know what, can you help me on this please?

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    • Silly me, i knew i forgot something, but i couldn't figure out what it was, thanks! lol

      Currently {{Tip}} is included in {{Infobox stationItem}} which put a Tooltip on buildings (like Arboretum) and flags to display some explanatory text on Limit, Income and Ratio
      But the IE11 mystery is solved already, it was indeed the disabled JavaScript

      Btw, is there a way to disable the standard tooltip on links?
      As you can see with the building, the Ratio in the infobox is a link, and the standard tooltip is partially covering the Tooltip text

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    • No, there's no way to disable the standard tooltip on links. You'll have to either remove the link, or remove the custom tooltip. (I'd suggest removing the link; it links to a non-existent section on Category:Buildings, which doesn't even mention the word Ratio.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Flanqer, I was asked by TT to ask you on this.

    TT has been trying to workout how to resolve this issue but haven’t had any luck on it. So, he was wondering if you can see where problem is, coming from, so it can be fixed.

    Take this page ---> Superflare


    Error version

    Coding side (prefer this one):

    As you can see error (Error Version) from this image show cost, buyxp and level section has been increase, so there is blank area which shouldn’t be there.


    Non-error Version

    Code side:

    Whereas, this image (Non-error Version) show what it should be as. However, if it can be corrected as this with one level given for both cost. 🤔


    Test this too

    Code side:

    I even try this too (Test this too - image name), to see if give error, but it didn’t when I didn’t include limit... lol 🙈.

    TT side

    TT side

    This what TT point out to me when he was trying workout where issue coming from (TT side - image name).

    So if it possible, can this be done and solve issue where the error coming from? 🤔 Also, for code side is done by this template -—-> Template:Offer.

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    • Looks like i've fixed it
      I had to remove the linebreak between cost2 and the start of buyxp2

      {{!}} style="width:{{#var:COL3_WIDTH}}; text-align:right; border-top:1px solid #606060;" colspan="1" {{!}} {{#if:{{#var:bk1}}|Bulk {{#var:bk1}}x:}} {{#if:{{{cost2|}}}|{{nowrap|{{{cost2}}}}}| }}{{

      But that broke the table if buyxp2 was present

      Fixed that by making buyxp2 start with a double-pipe

      {{!!}}style="width:{{#var:COL4_WIDTH}}; text-align:right; border-top:1px solid #606060;" colspan="1"{{!}}{{#if:{{{buyxp2|}}}|{{XP|{{{buyxp2}}}}}| }}

      All in all, not as obvious as i thought it would be lol

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    • Glad you found a solution. I was about to suggest rewriting it to use Lua, but that would require some familiarity with programming.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I notice ur message to help out via this wiki.... I can think of one thing at moment.... Can you help out on DPL side?

    Just wondering.

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    • I haven't used DPL myself (yet) but I can figure it out. What would you like to use it for?

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    • A FANDOM user
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