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  • Good job on adding the Game Update today! You almost did it right. ;-)

    • We use diacritics here. Everywhere. Page titles and images included. It's one of the ways our US-based Wiki shows respect to our Slovakian developer.
    • Be sure to read the documentation pages for the templates. For example, car#name doesn't mean what most people think it means.
    • If you need help creating the link for the Game Update, ask. :-D
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    • Ah, OK. Thought it is just shown in Names, but not in the Link itself, because of the special character. Could have saved me a lot of time. ;-)

      Thanks :-)

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    • By the way, please use [[File: or [[file: when adding an image to a page. The image: namespace still works, but it's deprecated. Someday, Wikia may decide to make it not work, and we don't want to get caught with bad links. ;-)

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    • OK :-) But not in the templates, right?

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    • Right. Only when you're actually creating the link. ;-)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Arno Mrnym wrote:

    I see :D

    Here is a short Example how it would look like with Name and Pic in one cell. The rows are usually 2 lines anyway.

    You wrote, "I see", but you didn't fix it. Even though users could find the locomotive page from the disambiguation ("dag" for short) page, a table like that should always link directly to the relevant article pages.

    I fixed the input so it does link to the proper page. When I did so, I realized that perhaps you attempted to fix it but encountered unexpected behaviour. Whether you attempted to fix it or not, though, you'll need this info later.
    The name parameter for that template accepts only the loco's name, which it then converts into a link. If you give it a link, it won't work. In this case, we need a piped link, like this: [[Nucleus (locomotive)|Nucleus]]. However, if we specify name= Nucleus (locomotive)|Nucleus, we have a problem. The template interprets the pipe character as the end of the parameter. The next thing it reads is "Nucleus", which doesn't make any sense to it.
    To get around this problem, we use {{!}} in place of the pipe character. The template can read the entire parameter that way. After reading it, it executes {{!}}, which inserts a single pipe character in the location. Then the template converts the entire name parameter into a link, just as it usually does. And voilà! Our page now shows a proper link to the proper place, showing the proper name. :-)

    Generally, we would produce a sample page separately from a live page. Even though the change you made wasn't significant enough to cause a problem, it's still better to keep ideas on separate pages until it's time to implement them. Of course, a sample wouldn't have to be long. You could have used just the first few locos for your example, exactly as you did, and then closed the table.
    The best place for a sample page is in your user space. To do that, create a new page with a title like this: User:Arno Mrnym/Sample page

    Concerning your sample work, I agree that on that table, everything looks fine. Your comment that the rows usually contain two lines is not entirely accurate, though. It's true for the rows you edited. Scroll down that same table, and you'll see many rows that contain only one line. If we remove or reformat the offer date information when we redesign the tables, maybe even the rows you edited will contain only one line. In other words, it's unwise to make a plan based on an assumption that may or may not always hold true.

    In addition, look at the table at the top of the Maglev Locomotives page. Those images are taller than the ones in your sample. That makes a difference, too.

    You're learning, and that's cool. I learn new stuff here all the time myself, and I've been here almost two years. Previously, you listed the columns that you think should be included in those tables. I encourage you to build a sample table with just that information. Then we can get a better idea of how the final product may look. :-)

    Good job!

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    • The challenge is always finding the proper balance. For these tables the images look nice but to increase the row height of an already lengthy table. While in a small sample of a few rows not a big deal, applying to all row becomes a major increase in the lenght of the overall table. Another consideration is that the set is more than just the locomotive, it also includes the cars. But it may be that for most users the loco is a good enough representation of the set.

      I like the idea of working in more graphics to make the pages more visualy appealing but I would hate to do so at the cost of usability and providing key facts that players would reference. As the table have grown over the past few years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hit that balance of form and function. Adding a new column is a possibility if we can shrink the other columns or perhaps one of the existing columns is not relavent for comparison and the images would be more useful. Maybe there is a different key metric we should be including all together.

      As Pella referenced, a sample page is usually the best place to throw together several ideas and work out what is best. Definitely want to see new ideas for improving :)

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    • That was excactly The problem with The Template why I was nötig Abel to fix the Link. Thanx for the explanation. :-)

      Let's See if I can make a sample table in my User space.

      So you have an eye on the Mentoren super Pages?

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  • Hi, welcome to TrainStation Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the FB login page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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