Extension Maglev 1st
Maglev Era unlocks the use of Maglev trains and Maglev-specific rails. Maglevs typically do not haul as many wagons, but the bonus % on their wagons are much higher. Maglev Era is an Extension that can can be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions

Purchasing Maglev Era awards the first Maglev rail *AND* a Train Slot for FREE.

Two additional Maglev rails can be purchased as desired, see the Rails page.

Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
120 350 Gems 280 Gems 50,000
120 230,000 U-235
130,000 Carbon
100,000 Titanium
184,000 U-235
104,000 Carbon
80,000 Titanium
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.


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