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MLW HR-616 Double Icon Shop Diesel
MLW HR-616 Double
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 21 Icon Power
Tax 220 Fuel
Dispatch XP 140 XP
Set N/A
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 9 Nov 2012 240 Gems 60,000 XP 75 Limit 2
Icon Shop VO Vintage 18 Sep 2013 200 Gems 60,000 XP 50 Limit 3
The Bombardier HR616, also known as the MLW HR616, was a 6 axle, 3,000 horsepower (2.2 MW) freight locomotive manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Twenty were built for Canadian National Railway in 1982, numbered 2100–2119, with 2100–2103 being temporarily renumbered as Bombardier 7000–7003, and rated at 3,200 hp (2.4 MW) for demonstration of the new model on Canadian Pacific Railway in 1983. After the demonstration, they were returned to CN and reverted to their original 2100–2103 numbers.
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