Logo TS
Ling Reward Set  Logo Set
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Hyperloop
Type Hyperloop
Cargo Random Icon Shop Cargo / Gems
Set Bonus +25%
Set Size 20 Yunmu Icon Storage Reward
Random Wagon
Yunmu wagon
Yunmu wagon Icon Storage Reward
Other Information
The player cannot own this set. However, it is unlocked after the completion of all of Ling's contracts.

Once unlocked, it arrives every 24h as an International Train to the player's station. It will wait until you unload it, then the timer for this train starts again.

This Logo Set can deliver any of the following:

  • Wolfram Wolfram
  • Borax Borax
  • Xenon Xenon
  • Bismuth Bismuth
  • Gems Gems (up to 500)
  • Delivering materials, the player will get one kind of material, the amount is (level / 2 ) + 900
  • Gems are delivered in fixed amounts, until now the known sizes are
    • 3 Gems
    • 5 Gems
    • 10 Gems
    • 50 Gems
    • 100 Gems
    • 500 Gems
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