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1 Guten Tag! My name is professor Johann Andreas Schubert, pleased to make your acquaintance. I must admit, there's a project I've been wanting to pursue for some time now. My biggest passion are machines and engineering, but I lack the resources to construct the first German locomotive. I'm sure I would succeed! With your help, of course.
2 Truth be told, a project as ambitious and difficult as this one does not require only money. Although it seems to me that a world where anything can be bought with gold is just around the corner, right? Anyway, the first stage of construction relies on plenty of wood.
3 That is some quality wood, thank you very much! I hope I don't have to emphasize that wood with no nails is, so to speak, useless, hahaha!
4 I greatly appreciate your punctuality and hard work, you're being very helpful. The basic design is done, come, take a look. The workshop? Ah yes, yes, this little place has served me well for many years, but it's starting to be a bit too tight for me AND the locomotive. I'd love to expand it a little. Would you be so kind as to help me with some construction materials?
5 Ah, sehr gut, sehr gut! I would build the workshop extension myself, but with teaching at the University and our little railway project, I'm afraid I have no time left for such pastimes. So your're telling me you know some skilled labourers?
6 Outstanding, it is a great improvement! There's one more thing that steals my sleep - the condition of rails in our little town. If it was up to me, I'd invest into the reparation and innovation of rail tracks. Simply to not feel ashamed in front of foreign visitors!
7 Oh I hate to bother you again, but as you can see, the workshop is cluttered with building material, construction parts and useless rubbish. In no way have I expected the newly acquired space to fill up so quickly! Well, it has probably something to do with the size of the engine. It turned out much bigger than I've expected!
8 I am so close! Quite frankly, all I need now is a slightly larger supply of materials and the engine will be finished! I can only hope the locomotive isn't going to be only done, but also functional, am I right my friend? Hahahahaha!
9 Well then! The engine is indeed ready for its first journey! However, I must most respectfully ask you to keep this knowledge to yourself. I would despise to be scoffed, should the testing ride not go... according to my bold expectations. While on the subject, I have named the engine "Saxonia" out of love to my native home. Nevertheless, let's give this beauty a chance to employ those pistons, shall we?
10 That went quite well, wouldn't you say my dear fellow? And yet, I would go as far as to arrange a few minor adjustments. Simply as a matter of precaution - I want to ascertain my work is absolutely perfect, surely you understand. Be that as it may, I would welcome any helping hand for the sake of completing the task in timely fashion.
11 Saxonia is completed! I, err... I must admit I'm moved. I yearn to share my delight with the entire German nation, it's our first steam engine! Still, I suppose showing the locomotive to the townsfolk will suffice for the time being. Considering the occasion, it would please me greatly to see the nigh surroundings of the train station adorned as never before!
12 With regard to the representation of our community, I would very much encourage embellishing the whole town, not only the train station itself. Let even the most outlandish of our guests witness that the German folk is merry and the German land beautiful.
13 At last, the day has come. Today we shall reveal Saxonia not only to Germany, but to the whole world!
14 What a grand success, what a triumph! I would never have hoped for such an accomplishment, not even in my boldest dreams... Oh thank you my friend, I'm much obliged! Rest assured, you have contributed to the advancement of German railways and the town of Dresden enormously! I would presume the town will require a much larger train station now that German trains are no longer a dream.
15 I'll say, the construction is getting along very nicely! As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind you enlarging my humble home either...
16 Excellent news, my friend! It would seem Saxonia has made a positive impression on all German railways. We would do well to prepare for the upcoming large-scale production! Albeit... there is a small catch to it. The precondition seems to be the construction of another locomotive - Saxonia's twin, with a few trivial modifications, nothing worth mentioning really. But for me, it will be very challenging in terms of materials and finances.
17 I'm not interrupting anything, am I? I deeply apologize if I'm disturbing *Johann clears his throat*. I know you're exhausted and for a good reason! So much material in such a short time... I must admit you have exceeded yourself. The worst thing is it's still not sufficient. According to my estimates, we will need a great deal more wood.
18 Wonderful, wonderful! I've always considered you a diligent man, but it seems you could set a good example even for me! We should commence the construction of our second locomotive, but... *Johann scratches his beard thoughtfully* ... where will we construct it? My workshop is overflowing with tools, materials and components. Do you believe we could fund a brand new manufactory building?
19 *Johann worriedly wipes away the beads of sweat on his forehead* Listen to me, my friend... we're working on the locomotive with utmost enthusiasm and yet I fear we will not complete it on time. The time limit is too short.! [You suggest Johann that he should hire more skilled helpers] So be it then. But only if you can take care of the matter on time. There is really not much time left.
20 It's hard to believe, but we have completed it! I have genuinely ceased to believe we will make it in time, I was worried much more than in the difficult days of building Saxonia. Well, perhaps we were destined to reach the end of our tether and then succeed at the last moment... ah, how peculiar. I've intended to name the new locomotive "Saxonia II", but I will name it "Phoenix" in honour of this intense experience. And it's high time to deliver the locomotive to the contracting authority.
21 Welcome, welcome, would you like some tea? I'm afraid it's the only thing I have to offer today. There is no news about either Saxonia or Phoenix and I am really running out of finances... Well, we have to think in a positive manner, don't we? Before long, a selection procedure for the position of a prestigious German university professor will take place and I want to apply. If I may be so bold, would you take me to the place? I will forever be in your debt!
22 They have chosen Hülsse! How is this even possible? I am a much better engineer, it is as clear as daylight! I have constructed TWO locomotives with my own hands! And have a look at this letter - it says both Saxonia and Phoenix have been rejected for large-scale production. Oh, I... I am sorry my friend, I got carried away, but all my joy and passion disappeared. I don't know how to go on, I can no longer trust people or believe in justice in the world.... *Johann sighs* Come, help me remove the German flags from night lamps. There's nothing to celebrate anymore.
23 Two years later you find Johann alone and unhappy in his neglected home] Nobody stood up for me... no colleague, no student... they all wanted Hülsse for professor. [You hand him a technical document] What's this? A project assignment for... a railway bridge? Hmm... but their calculations are all wrong! Should the plans be correct, they must be calculated this way... [While Johann ardently tends to mathematical calculations, you decide to help him in his difficult life situation]
24 Aha! My railway bridge project is finished! [You try to persuade Johann to send the project to the decision-making committee] Send it? Of course I will NOT send it! They already had a chance to employ me as a professor and they squandered it! [Johann is awfully stubborn, you decide to send his project to the committee yourself]
25  Aaa, welcome, welcome, sit down please. I've had an exciting visit today, the head of the committee stopped by and personally congratulated me. He said they've chosen my project as the best and most beautiful railway bridge of all the submissions! But how is it possible, I did not send the document off! Wouldn't you know something about it? So it was you! Well, I did not expect that but I thank you, my friend. The chairman promised to grant me my dreamed-of position of university professor if I successfully build the bridge. But it must be built solely of bricks. How will we get so many?
26 [At the construction site] I've always believed no building can last long without strong foundations. By the way, I think the same about relationships. But I digress. What I meant was that with a sufficient amount of steel, we could create foundations that would last for centuries!
27 According to my estimates, this bridge will require an enormous amount of wood. [You look surprised] Oh don't worry, the bridge will be built of bricks, but think of all the scaffolding needed for a 78 metres tall structure!
28 Well, here's hoping that we'll always have plenty of resources, especially bricks. It often seems we're using more than we have, hahaha!
29 It's rather challenging, isn't it? I wouldn't have believed there's such a difficult task waiting for me after constructing two locomotives. And yet, I'm pleased to be here - a site engineer and a witness to this monumental structure. If only our labourers would work faster! Or we could hire more helpers, that's actually a decent idea!
30 The construction is drawing close to completion. If we can provide labourers with enough resources at all times, we could complete the bridge on time!
31 The committee won't let me breath freely! I mean no disrespect, I know they want to open the bridge in the set date, but they just don't realize how difficult it is to build in these heights. I will NOT force my labourers to work faster, it's very dangerous! [You suggest Johann to hire more workers] Hire even more? Well, if you help me... yes, I think I could do that.
32 Remarkable! We have completed the bridge sooner than I had expected, but I still don't have a good feeling about it. Between the two of us - I won't sleep well until dozens of trains cross the bridge safely. Just think of the responsibility!
33 I'm satisfied, at least fifteen trains have crossed the bridge without a single problem. The statics of the bridge is excellent and everything seems to be all right. But still I'd love to see the bridge handle the weight of a fully loaded freight train. Only then can we be sure of our success.
34 [You have been contacted by Johann's students who want to pay tribute to their professor by erecting his bronze bust in his home town. But hush! It's going to be a surprise!]
35 [Johann's voice trembles with emotion] The bridge withstood every possible force. We've made it. I can't even express what it means to me... they will allow me to return to University as a professor and I was even given the great honor of naming the bridge. If I had a worthy beverage, I would christen it as "The Göltzsch Viaduct"!
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