Portrait small Jiu (2018)
Jiu's Contract Story (2018)
1 The Winter games are finally here! Not only I’m competing with my ice hockey team but I’m also the member of the organising committee. I just couldn’t say “no” to such challenge. I’m excited but I’ll need your help - are you in?
2 My team will need a new hockey gear for this very special event. I’ve heard that you’re a powerful train magnate with tons of useful resources…
3 The hockey sticks are already under construction, let’s move on to skates! We need a high quality steel and I think we both know where to get it!
4 The equipment looks amazing, thank you so much. There’s one more little detail I need you to take care of - the pucks. I’m sure that they’ll bring us luck with your materials!
5 My team is more or less prepared but we have to keep training hard. However, I have to take care of a few other things right now. Let’s begin with the most important one - the fire.
6 Oh no! Our training arena has been hit by a terrible storm and it’s completely destroyed. Where will we train now? I’m sure you can help…
7 Hurry up, there’s no time to waste. We must build the new hockey arena as soon as possible!
8 Just a few more bricks and we’ll be ready to start with the construction.
9 While you were shipping your precious materials, I managed to find some new sponsorships for my hockey team. The girls and I would be eternally grateful if you donated some money too.
10 We are a few days behind our training schedule, so let’s get to work! Oh, and I’ll need your assistance with something else afterwards…
11 My team must train twice as hard due to the previous troubles with our training hall. I was asked to take care of the new ski springboard but I’m sure that I can rely on you - and your organizational skills.
12 How’s it going so far? Good? I’m exhausted so I’m really thankful that you’re taking care of this. See you tomorrow!
13 The committee has asked me to give them an update about my tasks. Is the springboard already standing? No? Well, you better hurry up, my friend!
14 Winter games are very near. Let’s finish the springboard and move on to another task afterwards!
15 My whole town is super excited about the upcoming Winter games. It’s the most important event in decades, after all! I was asked by the committee to come up with a design for the logo. Are you good at drawing?
16 Wow, your design looks amazing on paper! And I’m sure it will be even better in real life.
17 Do you like challenges? I knew you do! Let’s finish our mission with something huge. How does the biggest winter stadium in the world sound to you?
18 I’ve had a meeting with our country’s best architects and the plan they’ve created is simply amazing. Just look at it! The execution must be just perfect, so make sure to haul the best materials possible.
19 The base is ready, now it’s time to finish it. Some coins and materials would come in handy for sure!
20 Everyone is waiting for the stadium to be finished. Some tabloids wrote that we won’t make it to the grand opening but we’ll prove them wrong, right?
21 Everything seems to be ready for 2018 Winter games! Thank you so much for all your help, my dear. Bring here the first visitors and wish us luck. Let the games begin!
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