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|level_gem =
|level_gem =
|offer =
|offer =
{{OfferLoco|type=Vintage|date=July 2012|cost={{Gems|240}}|buyxp=10200|level=24|limit=2}}
{{OfferLoco|type=Vintage|date=25 July 2012|cost={{Gems|240}}|buyxp=10200|level=24|limit=2}}
|award = [[Mizuki|Mizuki #6]]
|award = [[Mizuki|Mizuki #6]]
|cost_buyback =
|cost_buyback =

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Logo TS
JNR D51 Double Icon Shop Loco
JNR D51 Double
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 13 Icon Power
Tax 270 Gold
Dispatch XP 60 XP
Set N/A
OCU Not required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Vintage 25 July 2012 240 Gems 10,200 XP 24 Limit 2
Award Information
Award From Mizuki #6 Limit
Other Information
This engine was available as a Vintage Offer from the Shop in July 2012.

Also available at that time was the Shinkansen E6 (Set) and TS-54-NX2 building.

The Class D51 is a type of 2-8-2 steam locomotive built by the Japanese Government Railways from 1936 to 1951. The design of Class D51 was based on the earlier Class D50, which was introduced in 1923. A total of 1,115 D51 locomotives were built, the largest number of locomotives in a single class in Japan. Early D51s built were known as "Namekuji type" (or "slug"). The Class D51 is popularly called "Degoichi" in Japanese.
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