This page is about the icons that are used at this wiki, some of them can not be found in-game.

Regular IconsEdit

These icons are used throughout the Wiki, only a few do not appear in-game

Name Icon
Building Icon Shop Building
Cargo Wagon Icon Shop Cargo
Decoration Icon Shop Decoration
Diesel Locomotive Icon Shop Diesel
Dual Wagon (pass./mail) Icon Shop PassMail Wagon
Duration Duration
Electric Locomotive Icon Shop Electric
Extension Icon Extension
Flag Icon Shop Flag
Grid space Space
Hyperloop Locomotive Icon Shop Hyperloop
Limited Offer Logo Limited 
Maglev Locomotive Icon Shop Maglev
Mail Mail
Mail Wagon Icon Shop Mail Wagon
Material(s) Material
Mystery Depot Icon Shop Mystery
Mystery Depot (no longer available) (Wiki Only)

Historical Mystery Depot

National Flag Locomotive Icon Shop National
New (items) added to Shop Logo New
Non-Seasonal event related (For LO History Update) Logo Seasonal 
Offer Box (Wiki Only)  Offer Box
Passenger(s) Passenger
Passenger Income Income
Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
Power (Locomotives) Icon Power
Reward Icon Storage Reward
Special (Building) Logo Special
Special Event (Wiki Only) Icon SpecialEvent
Special Offer Icon Shop SO
Steam Locomotive Icon Shop Loco
Theme Icon Shop Theme
Train Set Logo Set
Train Set (200+ set bonus) Logo Set+
Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO
Whistle Whistle
XP/Special Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon

Resource IconsEdit

These icons indicate the various resources, they are used throughout the Wiki and also appear in-game

Name Icon
Aerogel Aerogel
Bismuth Bismuth
Borax Borax
Bricks Bricks
Carbon Carbon
Cement Cement
Fuel Fuel
Gem(s) Gems
Glass Glass
Gold Gold
Gravel Gravel
Lithium Lithium
Marble Marble
Nails Nails
Nanotubes Nanotubes
Neodymium Neodymium
Plastics Plastics
Rubber Rubber
Silicon Silicon
Steel Steel
Titanium Titanium
Uranium/U-235 U-235
Wires Wires
Wolfram Wolfram
Wood Wood
Xenon Xenon

Seasonal BadgesEdit

These icons can only be found at the Wiki to indicate Seasonal Events.
They appear as clickable icons on article pages, linking to their corresponding Season, when items are not part of a Season, a placeholder is used. They also appear as non-clickable icons on page listings.

Name Icon
Placeholder Logo TS
Autumn Logo Autumn 
Carnival Logo Carnival 
Christmas Logo Christmas 
Diesel Domination Logo Diesel Domination 
Dutch Queen's Day Logo Dutch Queen's Day 
Easter Logo Easter 
Electric Extravaganza Logo Electric Extravaganza 
Golden Spike Logo Limited 
Halloween Logo Halloween 
Hyperloop Hype Logo Hyperloop Hype 
Maglev Madness Logo Maglev Madness 
Midsummer Logo Midsummer 
Music Logo Music 
Oktoberfest Logo Oktoberfest 
Patriotic! Logo Patriotic 
PF Birthday Logo PF Birthday 
Post Event Logo Post Event 
Seaport Logo Seaport 
Space Logo Space 
Sports Logo Sports 
Spring Logo Spring 
St. Patrick's Day Logo St. Patrick's Day 
Steam Frenzy Logo Steam Frenzy 
Summer Logo Summer 
Summer Games Logo Summer Games 
Thanksgiving Logo Thanksgiving 
Tour de France Logo Tour de France 
TS Anniversary Logo TS Anniversary 
Unique Events Logo Unique Events 
Valentine's Day Logo Valentine's Day 
Winter Logo Winter 
Winter Games Logo Winter Games 

White/Green Amount NumbersEdit

At request: the difference explained between the white and green numbers that appear in-game

If you have items with white AND green numbers, the above sources also apply, but for a single item
When you sell or use these items, the items with the white numbers are taken out of your Storage first

Your Mega Boost flags show Indicator Amt Green Indicator Amt White, this means you have 16 of them in total, 8 of them take storage spage and the other 8 don't. Selling or using 8 of them will take the Indicator Amt White out of your storage first, and the Indicator Amt Green remains in your storage

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