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Hyperloop Era was introduced with the 6 Mar 2017 Game Update. This era unlocks the use of Hyperloop Locomotives. It is an Extension available at level 200 and can be purchased from the shop for 200,000,000 Gold; 500,000 Glass; 500,000 Plastics (having the Stock Exchange placed will save an additional 20%). You will also receive an additional local track.

Due to their high cost of dispatching they get an own table for their revenues. See Category:Destinations.

Hyperloops only carry specific cargo materials:

  • Level: 200
    • Lithium Lithium
    • Aerogel Aerogel
    • Nanotubes Nanotubes
    • Neodymium Neodymium
  • Level: 300
    • Borax Borax
    • Bismuth Bismuth
    • Wolfram Wolfram
    • Xenon Xenon

After purchasing Hyperloop Era, a restart of the game might be required

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