Hyperloop Splash

Extension Main Hyperloop Era
Hyperloop Era unlocks the use of Hyperloop Locomotives. You will also receive an additional local track. Due to their high cost of dispatching they get an own table for their revenues. See Category:Destinations. Hyperloop Era is an Extension that can can be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions
Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP
200 550 Gems 440 Gems 2,000,000
200,000,000 Gold
500,000 Glass
500,000 Plastics
160,000,000 Gold
400,000 Glass
400,000 Plastics
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.

Hyperloops only carry specific cargo materials:

  • Level: 200
    • Lithium Lithium
    • Aerogel Aerogel
    • Nanotubes Nanotubes
    • Neodymium Neodymium
  • Level: 300
    • Borax Borax
    • Bismuth Bismuth
    • Wolfram Wolfram
    • Xenon Xenon

After purchasing Hyperloop Era, a restart of the game might be required


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