Complete the limited time birthday achievements before 24th August to get exciting rewards!

Happy BirthdayEdit

AVAILABILITY: 10 Aug 2015 - 24 Aug 2015

Level: 35 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Happy Birthday I

Happy Birthday I

Build 8x Birthday Balloons Icon Shop Decoration
Whistle 80 Whistle 800
Achievement Happy Birthday II

Happy Birthday II

Send 8x Gifts TSIconGifts
Gems 8 Gems 1,600
Achievement Happy Birthday III

Happy Birthday III

Collect 80 XP during a Train Ride
Icon Shop Flag 2x Pixel Flag
80% Passenger , 80%  Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Happy Birthday IV

Happy Birthday IV

Use 80 Whistle
Gems 16 Gems 3,200
Achievement Happy Birthday V

Happy Birthday V

Collect 80 envelopes
Icon Shop Flag 2x PF8 Flag
200% Passenger , 200%  Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Happy Birthday VI

Happy Birthday VI

Finish a one-hour journey 8 times with the PRR PF8 I Logo Set
Gems 24 Gems 8,000
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