Logo TS
Grand Central  Logo Set
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Diesel
Type Diesel
Grand Central 43
Cargo Icon Shop Passenger Wagon + Icon Shop Mail Wagon
Set Bonus +45%
Set Size 14 Grand Central 43 Gold
Mail Wagon Icon Shop Mail Wagon Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
Grand Central 3M
Grand Central 3P
Grand Central 3M Gems Grand Central 3P Gold
Special Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon
Grand Central Tail
Grand Central Tail Gold
Other Information
Added to the Shop with the 17 Nov 2011 Game Update.

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  • Grand Central (Set)

    2 messages
    • Can anyone tell me what the 10 min values and the IT values are for this set?
    • with only passengers wagons : 10 min = {{Gold|10959}},{{XP|313}},{{Passenger|-2665}} IT = {{Gold|123260}},{{XP|136}},{{Passenger|-7826}}
  • train sets

    6 messages
    • King of the Race is not the only electric cargo set in the game. Another answer to the question in the OP is: Because it shows that there...
    • Yep, makes the game more interesting. My DB Class 602 was short lived as a passenger loco, but ran for another month as a cargo haul...
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