Gems (Gems) are the Premium currency used by TrainStation. They allow the player to purchase certain benefits, such as:

  • Items that are usually higher quality than what can be purchased for other at the same level.
  • Items that are unlocked earlier than when purchased other .
  • Items that are usually cosmetically superior; they look much nicer than regular items!
  • Speeding Up trains.

Although TrainStation is playable and enjoyable without spending any real money, Pixel Federation must pay their employees and various administrative fees to provide a game that is worth attention. To support the game, a gem purchase helps keep this game around for a long time!

Gems can be acquired in a number of ways, including from the Gem Shop, Contracts, Special Trains, and more:

Gem ShopEdit

The Gem Shop can be found within the game. Here, real money can be used to purchase specific quantities of Gems. Gems purchased while playing on the TrainStation Portal page include a 10% BONUS!
Facebook / Mobile TrainStation Portal USD[1] EUR[1] GBP[1]
Gems-Small 275 Gems 310 Gems $9.99 €8,39 £9.99
Gems-Medium 605 Gems 660 Gems $19.99 €16,79 £19.99
Gems-Large 1,650 Gems 1,815 Gems $49.99 €41,29 £48.99
Gems-ExtraLarge 4,400 Gems 4,850 Gems $114.99 €94,49 £99.99
Gems-ExtraExtraLarge[2] 13,200 Gems 14,520 Gems $299.99 €249.99
Subscription 5 Gems per day FOREVER $2.99 €2,49 £2.99
Subscription 20 Gems per day for 30 days $4.99 €4,29 £4.99
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Prices are as of 30 Jun 2017 and can be changed by Pixel Federation at any time without notice. Also, changes in converting the currencies are subject to PF.
  2. This option only appears if you frequently buy Gems.

Subscription Details:

  • Daily Gems are collected from the Gem Shop. A small red number appears on the in-game button when ready for collection.
  • Players can buy both Gem subscriptions, if desired, and collect them both.
  • The Daily Gems Forever subscription is just that; 5 Gems can be collected once per day forever. Players must log in each day to collect these Gems. They do not build up if a day is missed.
  • The Daily Gems for 30 Days subscription allows the player to collect 20 Gems once per day thirty times. If the player misses a day, the subscription will continue until all 600 Gems are collected. This subscription does *not* auto-renew and must be manually purchased again, if desired.
  • Once collected, the next subscription Gems will appear 22 hours later.


Gems are awarded for completing certain Contractors. See the full list at the Gems Per Contract page.

Gem ExpressEdit

Gem Train

The Gem Express is an International Train which will appear every 24 hours at the player's station. This special Logo Set delivers from 1 to 3 Gems. It was added as part of the 31 Mar 2011 Game Update.

Santa's Sleigh
The Gem Express has also been modified in appearance and operation before. For example, during Christmas 2011 & 2012, it was converted into Santa's sleigh. It delivered 1 Gems the first day, 2 Gems the second day, all the way up to 9 Gems.


  • Gems are awarded to the player for every 5 levels they achieve.



  • Gems are awarded by achieving certain Museum levels.
  • Gems are awarded by the Daily Rewards.
  • Gems are sometimes awarded for engaging contests/posts on the Trainstation Fan Page.
  • Clicking Facebook wallposts award random resources, including (but not limited to) Gems.
    • Final Contractor wallposts award a guaranteed 5 Gems to the first 5 people that click the wallpost.
  • The Portal has an Earn Gems button that lets the player earn gems for interacting with certain advertisers.
  • On rare occasions, Gems are sent to all players when new features are being tested or after unexpected outages.
  • Gems can also be earned via Christopher's Train, Ling's Train which will be given to the user as a reward for completing Christopher's, and Ling's contracts.
  • Special (exclusive) Gem Offers can also be offered to the player for a limited time (between 60 minutes or 4-12 hours (See the image below for example)). There's a discount to the normal prices of the Gem Shop. However this feature shows up in different intervals and the amount of gems varies.
  • Bill's deal can also be offered to the player for a limited time (for 2 days (See the image below for example)). There's a additional gems bonus added to normal prices of the Gem Shop. However this feature shows up in different intervals and the amount of additional gems varies.
  • Gems can be awarded by chests and the gem balloon.


Gem Express Wagon
Gem Offer 1
Special (exclusive) Gem Offer price with Mrs. Wilma
Gem Offer 2
Special (exclusive) Gem Offer price with icon version
Gem Offer 3
Bill's deal Gem Offer price with Mr Bill
Gem Offer 4
Bill's deal Gem Offer price with icon version
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