Logo Winter
Frozen Blazer Icon Shop Loco
Frozen Blazer
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 6 Icon Power
Tax 4 Gold
Dispatch XP 10 XP
Set N/A
OCU Not required
Other Information
Introduced with the 28 Nov 2016 Game Update.
Used to be a Gift, awarded as welcome gift 24h after creation of a new account during Winter 2016 28 Nov 2016 - 26 Feb 2017.
In other times you get rewarded the Blazer.
Crampton locomotives feature a low boiler and large driving wheels. The finesse of the Crampton design was that the single driving axle was placed behind the firebox, so that the driving wheels could be very large. This helped to give this design a low centre of gravity, so that it did not require a very broad-gauge track to travel safely at high speeds.
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