Portrait small Fritz (2013)
Fritz's Contract Story (2013)
1 Servus, mein Freund! They call me Fritz and I'm the manager of the Munich Oktoberfest. I don't look a manager? Harr harr, that's probably a good thing, after all, Oktoberfest is all about merriment and fun with friends.
2 Great job lad, I see your reputation was well deserved. There's still some time left before we offically open the gates of Oktoberfest, so meanwhile you could lay out the festival tables across the whole festival.
3 It all starts today, I'm so nervous and enthusiastic at the same time! You've never been to Oktoberfest, have you? Do you even know how many people visit this largest people's fair in the world? Six and a half million
4 Thank you, this will suffice for now. However, I believe it would be best for the vendors if we provided them with their own brewing kettles so that they could brew their beer on the spot. Do you think you could
5 You're working very hard, aren't you hungry? Hard work belongs to Oktoberfest as Oktoberfest belongs to a hearty meal! I can assure you, if you help us deliver the food, visitors will immediately sink their teeth
6 Oh nein, I knew I've forgotten something! We're missing a small refreshment - the traditional German pretzels! People keep asking about them and I keep answering: "My assistant will get them right away, harr!"
7 Everyone's very satisfied with the job you're doing, especially me! With your help we can even pursue a special project this year - the opening of a new Munich brewery. It will be built in this very place and it will
8 By the way, do you know what's the symbol of Bavaria and Oktoberfest? Our beautiful lady Bavaria, the symbol of our birthplace and our motherland. She cannot be missing at any Oktoberfest!
9 The festival is slowly getting empty. The first visitors may be leaving, but we're not done yet, oh no! There's still much work to do, mein Freund. Please give a ride to the next group of people!
10 If you were a regular Oktoberfest visitor, you'd instantly know what the traditional attractions of the event are. Well of course, it's the Giant Wheel and Colossal Looping! Our Looping is the largest portable roller
11 I've just found out that our favourite musicians are ready to depart for the festival! I'm already looking forward to the great fun all of us will have once they arrive! It's a delight for my tired old ears when they play...
12 Huh, now this is interesting. Since you managed to get the roller coaster, we're experiencing much higher demand for Oktoberfest tickets. This is, of course, wonderful news, harr harr!
13 Thank you, this is how it's supposed to be - a huge crowd and full mugs! Although, let's be honest here. A little more seating never hurt anyone and our guests would definitely use some!
14 Our guests are sitting, drinking and... starving, it seems. Here's an idea, why don't we build more food stands? After all, what sort of Oktoberfest lacks sausage and pretzels, ha?
15 Now this went rather well! Seriously, in all those years, I do NOT remember such an attendance! Could the reason be the new brewery that we've built? Or is it the roller coaster? Or the tasty pretzels? I have no idea, but
16 And now for some less... pleasant news. The whole festival area must be continuously cleaned to maintain a tidy environment. Consider the amount of people moving up and down the grounds and you'll understand.
17 My grandfather used to say that the best beer is the one you tap from a keg. Shall we verify it? Let's find some kegs and drink a toast, harr!
18 A few guests suggested they would have appreciated a little "refreshment" during the train ride on the way here... Personally, I think it's a great idea! And the best preparation for what awaits them once they arrive!
19 So, have you listened to my advice? Well it seems you have. I would have never believed that so many people would visit the festival this year! The crowd is so huge some vendors are complaining about the lack of the
20 Oktoberfest might be almost over, but the last group of people is still waiting for its turn to taste the best Munich beer and we will not let them down. It will be the best conclusion of the whole event - together with
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