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This is a list of items available in the Contractor Shop for Fritz (2015). These items can be built only on this contractor's station.
Some of these items may be rewarded to players who complete certain contracts. Reward items that look identical to items in this contractor's Shop may have statistics that are different from the statistics shown here. Statistics for both versions appear on each item's article page.
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Name Contract Cost Buy XP Pass. Inc. Space Income/Space
Barrel Factory [[Fritz (2015)#DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #3|DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #3]] 1,800 Wood
1,500 Nails
250 26 312 13 2.00
Brewery Warehouse [[Fritz (2015)#DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #6|DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #6]] 6,000 Gold 120 40 480 20 2.00
Bavarian Brewery [[Fritz (2015)#DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #11|DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #11]] 2,200 Bricks
2,000 Glass
330 38 456 15 2.53


Name Contract Cost Buy XP
Golden Beer Mug 2,000 Gold 40
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