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Friends are other players in the game you can trade gold Resource Gold.png, materials Misc Material.png, and XP Train Ride XP.png with. Although the game never requires any player to have friends, they can help make the game more engaging in several ways. Friends can be a big part of TrainStation's gameplay, including things like exchanging Gifts and International Trains, and also completing the Social Achievements.

Notice: This feature is unlocked at level 11 to players.

Friends List[]

The Friends List can be opened by clicking on the Friends button within the game (see image above).

Friends List.png

Players can search for Friends by name using the Search Box.

By default, the Friends List is sorted by Rank in descending order, and centered on the player; lowest level Friends at the top of the list, and highest level Friends at the bottom. The player can also sort the list by using the three grey sorting buttons. Sort options are by Name, Level, and any available Collectibles (Clocks/Chests).

Adding Friends[]

Every player starts with Mr. Bill as their only Friend. If a player connects the game to Facebook, Google+, or via the Pixel Federation Portal, this allows for more Friends.

When logging in through Facebook/Google+, any Friends also playing TS via those platforms will automatically show up in the game. When playing with a Portal account, you can add Friends using the green 'Invite more friends' button in-game (see above) or via the Portal's Player Profile page. When connecting with your Facebook account, the player can play via the Portal or play directly on Facebook. However, some (high level) items are only available when logging in through the Portal.

Visiting Friends[]

Welcome Neighbor.png

Visiting Friends is as easy on clicking on their portrait/name in the Friends list. This takes the player to a view of their Main Station.

Notice: Players will be able to visit Friends station once they reach level 12.

Newly added Friends will have a gold star Button-Achievements-Small.png next to their name. Visiting them the first time offers a small gold and material reward and helps complete the Social Spirit achievement.

Sending Gifts[]


Sending gifts is part of being a good friend. Gifts can be sent to each Friend at least once per day and to Mr. Bill too. One of the Social Achievements requires the player to send gifts to Friends. Having more Friends will help complete this set of achievements more quickly.

Note: Sending gifts do not use the player's gold or material, it is sent from Mr. Bill's never-ending storage. Also, players will be able to send gifts to their friends, once they reach level 11.

Receiving Gifts[]

If the player is a good Friend and sends gifts frequently, their Friends will likely return the favor and send gifts to you. This not only awards free resources and interesting game items (such as Moose Transport), but it also helps earn the Bounty Hunter achievement.

Sending Trains[]


Sending International Trains to Friends loaded with passenger/mail wagons Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png/Icon Shop Mail Wagon.png/Icon Shop PassMail Wagon.png (to send gold), cargo wagons Icon Shop Cargo.png (to send materials), or Special Wagons Icon Shop XP Wagon.png (to send XP) will help those Friends in their game progress. And, they may send trains full of resources in return. Purchasing the Trainroute Planner extensions will allow the player to send each train to up to 8 recipients at once.

Receiving Trains[]

When Friends send their own International Trains, the player can collect gold Resource Gold.png, materials Misc Material.png and/or XP Train Ride XP.png. These trains will wait in the player's station for up to 24 hours. There is an IT History button within the Train Manager's International Trains tab that will show the player details on the last 30 IT trains received from Friends.

Friend Express Trains[]

Friend Clock.png

Every 23.5 hours, Express Trains appear at randomly selected Friend's stations (the 23.5-hour timer is reset upon collecting all trains from Mr. Bill.) These Express Trains can award gold, materials, XP. When available, a Clock icon will appear on the Friend's line with a 'Collect' button. Both the Clock and Chest icon can appear at the same Friend. If the player uses the 'Collect' button, the total rewards of those Friend's trains are displayed. An example of this (at level 674) is below:

Collect Clocks.png

Collect Museum.png

If any of the Friend trains are new to the player's Museum, a color-coded box is shown with the number of newly acquired trains.

If the player chooses to visit these Friend's stations to collect the trains, the One-Click-Unload extension makes this much easier and faster.

Collecting these Friend Express Trains helps the player complete the Express Master achievements.

The number of Clock icons that appear each time is based on the total number of Friends the player has. Take the square root of the total number of Friends and add 2. For example, if you have 100 Friends in-game, you should see about (√100 + 2) = 12 clocks (including Mr. Bill). Both the clock and chest icon can appear at the same Friend.

Friend Chests[]

Friend Chest.png

Every few hours, the player can collect a Chest from up to five Friend stations. When a Chest is available, a Chest icon will appear on the Friend's line with a 'Collect' button. The Enhanced Chests extension increases these rewards by 50%.

These Chests typically award a large amount of Mail Mail.png and some Resources. Since the player has delivered nearly 11,000,000 pieces of mail for the Postmaster achievement, having many Friends will make quick work of it. Both the Clock and Chest icon can appear at the same Friend.

Chests replaced Mail Packages with the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update.

Abandoned Stations[]

Wake Them Up.png

If a Friend does not play for 2-3 days, a small white ZZZ icon will appear next to the Friend's name. These stations are considered abandoned. Upon visiting an abandoned station, the player "wakes the Friend up" which awards the player 500 of random material. This material will be sent to your gift box from Mr. Bill. NOTE: There is a known bug in the game where some active Friends still show up with ZZZ icons.

Removing Friends[]

Removing Friends can be difficult. Friends added via the Portal can be removed easily from the Portal's Profile Page (they can be blocked from sending invites as well). However, Friends gained via Facebook/Google+ are automatic as long as they have their game attached to their profile. If they remove their game or are no longer the player's friends, they will usually disappear. This has proven to not always be effective, and a ticket to Support may be required.

With the 11 Jun 2018 Game Update PF has added 'Refresh Friends Button' in the portal only at the moment. This will help the player to force the sync to refresh and update their list of a player been added or/and removed from their neighbor list.
At 12 Jul 2018 the 'Refresh Friends Button' was also introduced to the mobile version You will find it in the 'Settings' in the App.


This section contains any significant changes to the way the Friends function in the game:

  • 26 May 2011
    • Added Search to Friends list.
  • 8 Sep 2012
    • Gem Invite: Inviting Friends awards 25 Resource Gems.png up to 500. Awarded when Friend reaches level 11.
    • Friends are marked inactive 'ZZZ' after 49h of inactivity. Notifying them rewards Resource Gold.png.
  • 11 Apr 2013
    • Gem Invite rewards removed.
  • 29 Aug 2013
    • Friends are no longer required to purchase items from the Shop.
  • 12 Sep 2013
    • Portal Friends system launched.
  • 5 Dec 2013
    • Gem Invite rewards restored for 3 weeks.
  • 27 Dec 2013
    • Removed Gem Invite rewards.
  • 10 Apr 2014
    • Waking up inactive Friends rewards 500 random Misc Material.png.
  • 7 Jul 2014
    • Gem Invite rewards restored.
  • 9 Mar 2015
    • Gem Invite rewards removed permanently.
  • 31 Jul 2017
    • Friend Mail Packages removed in favor of Chests. In the past, every 12 hours, the player could collect mail packages from Friend's stations. When Mail Packages were available, a small mail icon will appear next to the Friend's avatar.
  • 9 Oct 2017
    • Friends List changed completely to the current design. Previously, a scrolling list of 'Neighbours' was shown at the bottom of the game screen. Small Clock and Mail icons indicated when collectibles were available. This old list was not searchable, not sortable, always sorted by Rank. However, the new design was missing the inactive 'ZZZ' icons.
  • 18 Dec 2017
    • Inactive 'ZZZ' icons have returned.
    • It is now possible to enter Friends list from a Friend's station
    • When collecting Clocks from Friends, any new Museum trains will be colored differently.
  • 11 Jun 2018
    • Added 'Refresh Friends Button', however, it is only available in the portal only at the moment, will be added to the mobile version soon.
  • 12 Jul 2018 Update to App version added 'Refresh Friends Button' to mobile.