Logo Patriotic
Freedom Genesis I Icon Shop Diesel
Freedom Genesis I
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 10 Icon Power
Tax 22 Fuel
Dispatch XP 49 XP
Set N/A
OCU Not required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Logo Limited Limited 4 Jul 2013-
8 Jul 2013
150 Gems 4,926 XP 25 Limit 1
Logo Limited Limited 2 Jul 2018-
16 Jul 2018
150 Gems 4,926 XP 25 Limit 1
Logo Limited Limited 15 Apr 2019-
22 Apr 2019
150 Gems 4,926 XP 25 Limit 1
The Genesis is a series of passenger locomotives produced by General Electric. 332 of these locomotives were built between 1992 and 2001. The Genesis was designed in response to a height specification published by Amtrak, to allow the locomotive to travel easily through low-profile tunnels in the Northeast Corridor. It is Amtrak's only diesel locomotive that meets the clearance requirements on every Amtrak route.
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