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User:Juppie wh has suggested that we come up with a standard template for shop items. The way the site is laid out now, there are approximately four different versions of the Infobox shop template.

Mostly because I've been changing and trying out different versions of the layout and parameters for everything.

We successfully migrated from Infobox Trainset to Trainset, and I think that it worked very well. I think we can do the same for Shop items.

The Cost template seems to break visual mode, so they only change I propose is to abandon it. We would move back to amt1 but abandon res1.


This code Becomes this code
And this code Becomes this code
cost={{cost|plastic=1000|marble=1500}} amt1={{plastic|1000}}

And going forward, the file: and image: tags will NOT have to be included.

The floor is now open for suggestions. Tell me what changes you would like to see here. These templates are meant to be helpful - if no one likes them they're useless. DocTrain (talk) 18:34, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

First and foremost to all of you who ahve jumped in recently, Thank You. DocTrain and I picked up editing this wikia at about the same time last year. The content was minimal and huge effort went into just getting content on the site. Admittiedly I have been feeling a bit worn out recently just because of what seemed like a ton of stuff left to do just to get the basic content added. The recent willingness to jump in and help certainly as added energy and helped to get us to the point where we can begin to look at the next level of making the site better by improving the consistancy throughout as well as making tweeks so that it easier for other to contribute. 

I like the idea of being able to use the visual mode to make changes. Code view can be intimidating to look at first and if your not familiar with it, increase the mistakes. I think moving to this format for the resources is a good one. 

One other idea is to come up with a standard table format overall. Some tables have different oder of columns or different columns all together. May also need to considering the font size so that the information fits a little cleaner in the allowable width.Mhommer (talk) 02:07, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

Drazoria had another good suggestion. A lot of the images (specifically decorations) are too small to be properly displayed on the page. I'm going to try to see if there is a way to limit the height or width of pictures and try to implement it in the new template.

DocTrain (talk) 15:14, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

_opening text_

At the moment I have adjusted some pages as 'requested' by DocTrain (new project for me to work on :P ) on the Oldshoptemplate page. However the contractor= item seems to be in the way of removing the page from the category (showing it updated)\


I checked some stuff about the wikimedia bots, which are used to do mass tasks, but I feel sorry to say that they wont be of much help for us here. Most bots are used for single tasks (as stated under bot rules) and they may not run very fast (only once a minute or so) which is due to the server load as a bot uses much server resources. Second thing on those bots is that they are often programmed for simple tasks and if any of you has ever took a look on the currently listed pages in oldshoptemplate... None of them is identical in terms of how the template is filled or listed:


|image = CN Tower.png|type = b|theme = Metropolis Theme|buyxp = 13,000|pass = 19|size = 6|level = 63|limit = 1
|amt1 = glass|72,000|amt2 = steel|72,000|amt3 = cement|42,750|contractor=contractor|name=Sam|pass=11|size=6|buyxp=18,000|cost=cost|gold=350000|steel=90000|carbon=45000

|image = image:CN Tower.png|pass = 19|type = building|size = 6|level = 63|limit = 1|theme = Met|amt1 = glass|72,000|amt2 = steel|72,000|amt3 = cement|42,750|buyxp = 13,000|contractor=contractor|name=Sam|pass=11|size=6|buyxp=18,000|cost=cost|gold=350000|steel=90000|carbon=45000

Just in short as the above are but simple examples, they are not sorted, show different items (or not) on different places and they have the weirdest sorts of filling. Sometimes they use packed up code, other times there are spaces and everything (image = x.png  vs  image=x.png  vs  image= ((PAGENAME)).png  etc.) 

In the past I have done a little coding on color and variable bots (halfway to inject-bots) and I can say that although not impossible to do, but to code the bot to sort this out would require many hours if not days :) therefore, bots are not of much use...

_template examples of current wanted layout_

For now I edited only a few pages in order to see the results and while I was waiting for reactions. But I hope that some-one can put up another kind of example, as DocTrain did up here, for the contractor item in certain pages. For a good view of a good template the inter sport hall is a nice one, as it has both gems and normal resource payment. Therefore I would like to ask to use that page as template showoff, maybe a slightly edited page to include also an award and or contractor item? (eg: ...m/wiki/Inter_Sport_Hall_template_example) ?

Eagle signimage do-not-changeJuppie WHEagle signimage do-not-change 18:33, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

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