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F140 Lager Icon Shop Electric
F140 Lager
Type Icon Shop Electric (Electric)
Power 11 Icon Power
Tax 49 U-235
Dispatch XP 43 XP
Set Lager Express (+30%)
OCU Not required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Logo Limited Limited 21 Sep 2015-
5 Oct 2015
290 Gems 8,100 XP 86 Limit 2
540,000 Gold
Logo Limited Limited 2 Oct 2017-
9 Oct 2017
180 Gems 8,100 XP 68 Limit 3
640,000 Gold 86
Logo Limited Limited 23 Sep 2019-
7 Oct 2019
180 Gems 8,100 XP 68 Limit 3
640,000 Gold 86
Other Information
Used in achievements:
Bombardier TRAXX is a modular product platform of electric and diesel-electric mainline locomotives built by Bombardier Transportation, built in both freight and passenger variants. The first version was a dual voltage AC locomotive built from 2000 for German railways, later versions include DC versions, as well as quadruple voltage machines, able to operate on most European electrification schemes.The family was expanded to include diesel powered versions in 2006.
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