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Ethan II's Contract Story
1 So, here we are... me, you and the great red planet. No need to introduce ourselves, let's get straight to work and introduce this planet to our idea of change!
2 Right, so I suggest we start with surface topography. Advanced terraforming will commence once we make the terrain more or less flat. Fortunately, our machinery is as ready as ever!
3 Okay, but you DO realize the machines don't run on water, right? Well even if they did, there's none to be found here, so . . . yep, we'll need good old uranium.
4 It's refreshing to see you're just as reliable as in the good old days. That means I can bother you with more taks, haha. The very first buildings we'll need to erect are simple accomodations units for workers. But do it asap, so that it doesn't delay our progress.
5 Seems like the workers aren't exactly happy with the money they're making. More than 200 of them asked for a raise. I considered refusing to raise their wages, but I absolutely need this project to be a success. Apart from everything else, this would be very bad publicity. Get the money, they win this time.
6 The first step towards Earth-like atmosphere is going to be a simple protective dome. We don't need it to be extremely high tech because it's just a temporary solution, but it will make the lives of our workers that much easier.
7 More resources are needed for the construction of the dome. I'm almost sure it's gravel, but you know me - I never pay attention at meetings.
8 This is JUST my luck! When we're finally ahead of schedule, the space elevator breaks down and everything stops. Everything! I can't afford to reallocate my funds to the repair of the elevator, it's up to you now. Save the day!
9 We can't gain access to the damaged part of the elevator, it's halfway to Mars and quite obstructed. But I wouldn't be the CEO of Quantus if I hadn't come up with a solution! I've designed a repair drone which can easily fly up to the defect site and fix it. Ten of them should suffice.
10 Okay, the drones report heavy damage on the inner wiring and a few security layers. We'll need to get new wires and rely on the drones to patch things up.
11 The drones claim the damage had been repaired, but we won't know for sure before we test it. I say we send a few interplanetary maglevs and see if they arrive intact.
12 It worked! Whew, that could've ended horribly. But no matter, we have to get back on track. The dome needs to be built quite high to easily cover all the upcoming skyscrapers. Build the requested platforms fast, we have to make up for all the lost time!
13 Last thing, I promise. Silicon is needed for the finishing coating of the dome, which will make the structure much more resistant. Soooo, we need a lot.
14 And so the terraforming begins. The first stage calls for ecosystem activation by producing an artificial - but gradually natural - breathable atmosphere. Luckily, all the tech components are already produced and ready to be shipped to Mars. Do so.
15 Aaaww yeah, it's business time! Build the activators, no less than five. We'll turn them on and in a year, people will breathe fresh air with no domes over their heads. Thanks to who? Quantus my friend, Quantus.
16 Do you know how strong the surface gravity on Mars is? Just 38% of Earth's gravity, and that's the problem. We urgently need to start researching ways to artificially make Mars' gravity stronger. I'll give the task to my best science team. You just get the money, deal?
17 Good. The money motivated our engineers enough to make them come up with the first gravity generator designs. They are now starting to take shape on paper and we need to pile up the required materials. And by we, I mean you, alright? No hard feelings though!
18 Good job on getting the materials. You know, you just might be the only employee who never let me down. Keep it up and get some more carbon. Dudes from research department say we'll need loads.
19 Nice day, eh? I mean... it's completely identical with all the other days. But today, YOU my friend, will get the unique opportunity to transport our best construction specialists to the assembly site. They will then study the gravity generator design manuals and hopefully be able to build them once the time comes.
20 This normally isn't your job, but I need someone trustworthy to oversee the gravity generator construction stage. Don't worry, you'll do fine, just tell the workers where to start. They'll know what to do.
21 Feels good, doesn't it? The generators are slowly increasing their power and it makes quite the difference. Very soon, walking on Mars will be much like walking on Earth, you'll see. Now we can take the colonization of Mars even further. Time to give more people the opportunity to call the red planet their home!
22 Now of course, we have to save space wherever we can. Compared to Earth, Mars is a much smaller planet and that is why we'll accommodate all colonists in high-rise buildings. This will be the first of many.
23 Nice. I hope the new colonists feel good in our little town. But moving on - it's time to improve our atmosphere monitoring possibilities. I have approved a huge analysis project which involves the construction of high tech labs. Hopefully they'll help us understand more about the changes that are going on all around us.
24 We're good to go. The construction shouldn't take long and boy am I curious about the analysis results!
25 Colonists claim they feel cut off from their former homes; unable to send out even the simplest email. Well, I understand why they're unhappy and to be honest, we already have an interplanetary internet concept. We call it Cosmonet, but it relies on a strong transmitter. Get me the materials and I'll arrange the rest.
26 You ready? Okay, build it! We'll be chatting with our friends back home very soon.
27 The first planetary analysis came back from our new labs. Guess what - turns out the most dangerous thing for human life on Mars is the missing magnetosphere which is suppose to protect life from cosmic radiation. We need to fix this asap!
28 Whew, okay, I really hope the machine works. The last problem that we need to solve is the surface temperature. You wouldn't know, because you're holed up inside your apartment or in your trains all the time, but out there we often see temperatures of about -60° Celsius. Yeah, that's 60 BELOW zero. Get me more scientists, we need to puzzle this thing out.
29 Looks like the best solution to our little temperature problem would be creating a few orbital mirrors which would direct a lot more sunlight to the surface. In time, the sunlight would warm the planet up and fix our problem for free. Well, almost for free. We still need materials to build the mirrors, right?
30 Great, now for the last step - getting the mirrors to the orbit. Any ideas?
31 It seems like the conditions here are getting more and more compatible with life! Let's build a few flats for our future citizens.
32 Great! Now get to work and build the first neighbourhood.
33 I'm afraid that we've overestimated our gravity generators. The analysis says that if we don't increase the power, we'll float in the air like confetti at my first wedding. And what's worse - there is not enough energy even for half of the town. Long story short: we need more POWER.
34 There's no time to rest! Hurry up and build the power station while I arrange a little experiment.
35 Ooops! My rocket exploded just a few seconds after launch ... I hope that the power station will come out better. We'll need some fuel to make it work so get us some Uranium!
36 Have you seen it? The explosion of my rocket is a star of every fail compilation! I don't know whether to laugh or cry but one thing is sure - I'll have to tighten my belt for a while. Will you raise the money to make the power station run?
37 Sooner or Later, we'll need a water treatment system as our water supplies are slowly shrinking. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!
38 Great job! Now, we have resources for more people than we've actually planned and it would be a shame not to utilize them, right? Let's build further houses!
39 Material stock is full so what are you waiting for? Build up the houses and remember - sky is no limit!
40 Activists want this place to be vegan. I must admit that life without a medium-rare ribeye steak is beyond my imagination but we'll need some garnish anyway. I think it's just the right time to build the first space farm in the history of mankind!
41 I appreciate you effort but this will barely do for a few carrots and onions. We'll have to feed thousands of citizens, remember?
42 Oh, good. I'm glad we understand each other. We're just a few steps away from being completely self-sufficient! Let's finish the farm so that we can move forward.
43 It's easy to get the impression that this place will be paradise but we must not forget about bad luck. Therefore, a health care center is inevitable!
44 I guarantee that this facility will make Mars the fittest place in he whole universe! Let's hope that we won't need it regularly
45 I love the hi-tech vibe of this place but isn't it a bit sterile? People should have some place where they could relax. Mental health is important too!
46 You know what? I love the new park! We should definitely make more of it. A shipment of wood would be handy.
47 It's time to get some feedback on this place. We have to make sure that everything in here is perfect before it's fully inhabited. Arrange the first batch of volunteers!
48 Believe it or not, this place isn't as humble as it might seem. Getting from one place to another just by walking would be pretty time-consuming, don't you think? We have to develop a hi-tech public transportation system ASAP.
49 Wow, that was fast! But we must not forget about Fuel to make the transport work. Yes, you hear me right - good old Fuel!
50 The first research shows that the volunteers are quite satisfied. However, we should hear opinion [sic] of some families with children, too.
51 More people means more requirements. Something tells me that we aren't even close to being ready. Let's make more supplies, just in case.
52 I hated going to school when I was a kid. It was torture. But we, my dear friend, we can do things differently! No more memorizing no more exams - our school will be extraordainary.
53 Good job on the building but we still have a lot of work to do. This school needs to have the most modern equipment as well as the best professors. You have a very important task now - raise the money while I take care of the education plan.
54 Every colony should have some sort of symbol. But it can't be just a US flag as we have to keep in mind that nationalities from the whole world will be living here. Ensure enough materials and we'll create a universal symbol.
55 While you were hauling materials, I made a sketch of the symbol (I hope you don't mind). It seems like we have all we need so let's start building!
56 The symbol is a masterpiece! We're finally ready to accept the final batch of citizens. Thank you for all your help. Are you sure you want to come back to Earth?
57 Wait wait wait - we aren't done yet! We've got WAY more applicants than we've expected - and they all want to live here. Our material stock is almost empty so Let's get prepared for more people.
58 It's really important to have enough resources - it looks like we'll need to accomodate a few more citizens. And when I say a few I mean A LOT.
59 Our mission is getting close to an end and I have to admit that is has been a great adventure! Let's finish the suburbs - earthlings can't wait to get here.
60 It wasn't easy but we've made it! Mars is now fully inhabitable and a big THANK YOU goes to you, my friend. You did a wonderful job and even if our plan seemed insane at the beginning, we've turned it into reality. I hope we'll meet soon and remember: never EVER give up!
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