Contractor Profile
Completion of the original Ethan contacts is NOT required for Ethan II.
Difficulty Hard
Portrait full Ethan II
Total Contracts 60
Minimum Level 230
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward Special Maglev Destination
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco  Icon Shop Diesel  Icon Shop Electric  Icon Shop Maglev
Shop Ethan II's Shop
Other Information The Story
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour
Contractor History

Contract listEdit

Train Sets RewardedEdit

Ethan II gives the following train sets as a reward for completing his contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.


Images shown when completing certain contracts
Description Photo
Certificate from Ethan II granting the player the use of his station and explaining the final bonus associated with completion of his contracts. Prior to 6 Mar 2019 Game Update, this feature no longer work under WebGL.
Ethan II Certificate
Certificate show in contractor section after completion.
Ethan II Complete
Description Photo
Current Contractor Portrait from 22 Jun 2015
Portrait full Ethan II

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