Portrait small Esther (2016)
Esther's Contract Story (2016)
1 Spring break is finally here! Although I'm having a great time at the college, I can't wait to enjoy the silence of my home village far away from the city fuss. Pack your bags and join me! By the way - my name is Esther...
2 Oh no, I totally forgot to finish my seminar work! I still need a few more volunteers for the research part, could you bring me some?
3 My classmates are throwing a spring break party and we're both invited. I promised them to take care of the party lights. I just hope that things won't get out of hand like the last time...
4 I wish I was wrong... but I'm not. As usual, everyone went „a bit” crazy which left a remarkable footage in the dorm room. We have to clean the mess! Bring us some materials to fix the damage.
5 There's a cute little flower shop around the corner owned by a lovely old lady. Please, buy 2 bouquets from her - one for my mum and one for my grandma. And pick a few daisies for my hair too!
6 Ok, I really need some rest now. Let's go home! Will you book us train tickets? I usually hitchhike but I'll make an exception for you.
7 We're getting off! I can't wait to show you the playground where I used to spend a lot of time as a kid. Oh, no... am I seeing wrong or is it completely damaged? I'm afraid we won't have so much time to rest after all...
8 Soon, we'll be passing through my favorite cherry tree alley. It's so beautiful in spring, yo're gonna love it! Oh, maybe not... Look at those fallen trees. We'll need a lot of determination to get things in order here.
9 Welcome to our house! My grandma has heard alot about you, especially about your craft skills. She'd love to have a summer house in the garden, will you help me build it?
10 I talked with my parents about the mess we saw. We have a new mayor who seems to care only about paperwork and that's the main problem. I decided to make a list of everything that needs to be fixed here. I'm even ready to donate my student budget, if needed!
11 Grandma loves the summer house! She'd also like to add some spring decorations to the garden...
12 Grab your courage, we're going to talk to mayor. I've heared that she needed to fix the leaking roof in her office, so maybe we could help her out...
13 Finding a compromise with the mayor will be a hard nut to crack, but we'll make it! However, we'll need more helpers so I've asked my classmates to come here. After all they owe us, right?
14 I still can't get the damaged playground off my head. My dad has got some equipment and materials in the basement which we could use. Let's get to work!
15 I've just received an e-mail from the mayor. She would like to improve the village with us! However, she refuses to do anything until the citizens help her renovate the old castle as they've promised. Again, it's up to us, my dear!
16 The castle looks splendid! Look - first sightseers have arrived to check it. Isn't that lovely?
17 I can't believe how many visitors have come to see the castle. However, they seemed to be quite hungry and thirsty, don't you think? A cozy restaurant with local specialties would surely be profitable!
18 If we get here some nice furniture, our restaurant will get a Michelin star! Just joking, we don't need to be that fancy. However, details matter!
19 Our restaurant will soon be ready for the opening party. Don't forget to invite the mayor! I hope that we'll finally be able to officially welcome spring.
20 We shouldn't be the only guests don't you think? Let's invite the whole village as well as my college friends for all their help.
21 Well done! We've melted mayor's heart and she promised me to take better care of the village. By the way - do you remember the fallen cherry trees? Spring can't be complete without them. See you at college!
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