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Erie L-1 Class Icon Shop Loco
Erie L-1 Class
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 9 Icon Power
Tax 90 Gold
Dispatch XP 27 XP
Set N/A
OCU Not required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Under 90 10 Jan 2014 185 Gems 800 XP 9 Limit 1
Icon Shop SO Under 90 27 May 2016 185 Gems 800 XP 9 Limit 1
Other Information
This item's graphic was changed with the 19 Dec 2016 Game Update. The original is below:
Old Erie L-1 Class
The three L-1 0-8-8-0 steam locomotives of the Erie Railroad, built in 1907 by ALCO, and numbered 2600, 2601 and 2602; were unique in that they were the only articulated camelback locomotives ever built. When built, they were the largest steam locomotives in existence. They were built for pushing service, especially on the heavy grades of the Delaware and Susquehanna Divisions over the Allegheny Mountains. In 1921 they were rebuilt as 2-8-8-2s with more conventionally located cabs. They were taken out of service in 1930 as larger locomotives replaced them.
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