SCALED CONTRACTOR: This Contractor has multiple versions of the contracts/rewards for different player levels. These contracts can be completed once per level group. Once you have started with the contracts, you will stay in the same level group, regardless if you reach a higher level. The details for each group are available at these pages:
Level Groups: 120-299 300-699 700+
Contractor Profile
Once again, Electric Extravaganza begins!
Event Electric Extravaganza
Portrait full Edison (2020)
Available 24 Feb - 23 Mar 2020
Total Contracts 21
Minimum Level 120
Travel Time 3 hours
Final Reward 50 Gems
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco  Icon Shop Diesel  Icon Shop Electric  Icon Shop Maglev  Icon Shop Hyperloop
Shop Edison's Shop (2020)
Other Information The Story
Contractor History

Contract listEdit

Train Sets RewardedEdit

Edison gives the following train sets as a reward for completing his contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

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