Portrait small Ebenezer (2017)
Ebenezer's Contract Story (2017)
1 Christmas. My “favorite” time of the year. Ugh! People are all crazy about it, smiling like fools and bothering me with all that Christmas nonsense. As if that wasn’t enough - some kids have built a bunch of snowmen in front of my house. Help me get rid of them. Now!
2 While everyone else is going nuts, I’ll stay calm and focus on what’s really important - my business and wealth! Someone will have a new Christmas tree, someone will have a new office. Ha!
3 You seem to be lazing around! Please, don’t tell me that you’re into this Christmas madness too. Don’t worry - I know what will change your thoughts. A proper batch of bricks!
4 Bricks and marble will do, but I hope you didn’t think that this is it. I am sure that you have hoarded tons of Steel at your station so don’t be a scrooge. That’s my job, ha-ha-ha!
5 Do you know what’s gonna warm you up even better than mulled wine? Hard work! Help me build the office and you’ll feel better immediately.
6 You’ll think I’ve lost my mind, but I have to tell you something. Last night, I had a dream. A very weird dream… But, you know what - forget it. You better fill my new office with gold.
7 Do you believe in ghosts? I certainly don’t! But my dreams are getting weirder and weirder. Maybe I’m just overworked… wait, you’re not?! Well, then don’t just sit here and bring me more materials!
8 I didn’t want to talk about it, but I can’t stand it anymore. I think my house is haunted! Moreover, I had a dream. I was a small boy, it was winter and I had nobody to play with. A very sad memory… Won’t you build at least one snowman with me? I’d love to try it out. Just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, of course…
9 Enough of this foolishness! Let’s get back to business before people start thinking that I have joined this Jingle-Bell madness. Dispatch the best trains in your fleet, we’re going to need them soon.
10 People say that I don’t have feelings. That my heart is made of stone! But I’ll prove them wrong! We’ll build something they would never expect. What will it be? A surprise, my friend!
11 You’ve sent me a high-quality borax, but will lithium be the same? I have my doubts about that…
12 Alright, fine, I’m not complaining anymore. Come on, bring me a bit more neodymium and I promise to stay quiet.
13 Unbelievable! My own nephew was gossiping about me at a dinner party! I guess it’s because I refused his invitation to the Christmas dinner last year. But I’m sure he’ll change his mind when he sees the building we’ll finish tomorrow. He’ll be blown away!
14 Ha! I bet that nobody saw this coming. Tea is a precious commodity nowadays and you can make a fortune with it!
15 Shall we have some coffee? I never ever want to sleep again. Last night, I had a dream about my own funeral - everyone was happy, toasting with my vintage Chateau Pixelaus, stealing my possessions! They also said that I´d die alone unless I changed. Any ideas how to do that?
16 Donating my profit to the local orphanage? Have you lost your mind?! Oh, okay then. Fine. But only the profit from the tea shop. I also have to live on something!
17 I have to admit that I feel kind of relieved after having got rid of all that money. I sleep better and my chest pain has been replaced with something I’ve never felt before - a good feeling, perhaps?
18 I have to admit that I like this feeling! I’d love to help someone again… and I’m sure that you have tons of materials to give away, ha-ha!
19 I originally wanted my employees to work on Christmas Eve; they don’t have enough money to travel home anyway. Let’s surprise them with a special private train so they can be with their families!
20 I think they are starting to like me! Unbelievable. There’s one more thing I have to do - make peace with my nephew. Prepare the gifts and let’s go! Oh, and by the way - I’d like to thank you for your help, my friend. You’ve shown me that Christmas is not that bad at all!
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