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ETR-500 Icon Shop Electric
Type Icon Shop Electric (Electric)
Power 16 Icon Power
Tax 138 U-235
Dispatch XP 90 XP
Set Frecciarossa (+5%)
OCU Required
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 8,300,500 Gold Cost 350 Gems
Buy XP 87,500 XP Buy XP 87,500 XP
Level 170 Level 121
Limit 2 Limit 2
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop VO Vintage 15 Aug 2012 320 Gems 56,000 XP 83 Limit 1
Other Information
Originally released with the set name: ETR-500 Frecciarossa.

Added to the Shop with the 27 Mar 2014 Game Update.

This item's graphic was changed with the 12 Dec 2016 Game Update. The original is below:
Old ETR-500

ETR 500 (Elettro Treno Rapido 500) is a family of Italian high-speed trains introduced in 1993. Designed under the aegis of the Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), it is now operated by Trenitalia on RFI tracks. The new brand name for trains with top speeds in the 300–350 km/h range is Frecciarossa (meaning Red Arrow) and the ETR 500 are currently the only trains qualifying as Frecciarossa.
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