Portrait small ESET Android (2016)
1 There's no cyber threat that can't be prevented. Meet the ESET Android. His intelligence might be artificial, but his will to help is real. If you want him to join you, you'll need to learn to decode his secret signals first...
2 If only you could understand how the mind of this enlightened entity works... You'll definitely need more materials in order to develop some kind of decoder.
3 All right, this seems to be sufficient. Now get to work: we don't want to waste any of ESET's precious time. Well done! Now close your eyes and focus on the instructions. The decoder isn't working? That's not possible...
4 Have you tried turning it off and on again? That's much better! It's OK if you don't hear any words, because ESET doesn't communicate the way we do. Now focus... it seems like we'll need some real experts to make our security plan come true!
5 The research team is truly excited about your masterplan. Unfortunately, progress cost money - so we'll need more funds. ESET will give you a list of potential sponsors.
6 Perfect. All we need now is a modern research center where our team will be able to develop the world's safest internet security system. Make sure to keep it top secret!
7 First of all, you'll need to make sure that the money-related data is safe. Take care of the resources and wait for further instructions...
8 ESET suggests you focus on prevention. That's why you'll need an education center not just for banks, but also for ordinary people. The center will be massive, so don't underestimate the stocks of material you'll need.
9 It seems you're well prepared. Meanwhile, ESET has called in the best engineers and architects to design the building.
10 So far, you've done an excellent job. Are you ready for another challenge?
11 Health is wealth! You mustn't forget about healthcare data. Hospitals will be the last, but not least, thing on our to-do list.
12 Research and education is definitely worth investing in. Let's be honest: do you have enough money to complete our final project?
13 Now it's time to build the health data protection center. ESET is more than pleased with your hard work, but there's still one more detail which we need to look at...
14 Some might say that androids don't have feelings, but that shouldn't discourage you from showing ESET your gratitude, right? His help for mankind deserves a special thank you...
15 Who would have thought that there's such a thin line between dispatching and engineering... May this monument be a symbol of a safe and well-protected online world.
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